Top 10 Tips To Lose Weight


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1. Try to add large amount of fresh fruits and vegetables, green leafs to your daily supplement to loss weight at  efficient level, They are also low in calories and helps to keep your calorie count low.

2. Try to spend at least 1 hour to do exercise every day.

3.Yoga is the best techniques to lose your weight at a constant rate without affecting your health.

4. Never go for shopping with empty stomach. This will induce you to purchase large amount of snacks, beverages and alcohols ,which in turn add weight to your body.

5. Try reducing the rice intake rather go for some other foods.

6. Avoid food that do not have any nutritional value ,take fruits , salad instead of junk foods.

7. Avoid bakery products.

8. Adding healthy behaviours to your routine is often easier than telling yourself ‘don’t do this’ or ‘don’t eat that,’” ,It will help to reduce fat .

9. Always have healthier thoughts which will help you to gain confidence in your works and actions. Tend to have concept of health rather than diet for best weight loss results.

10. Set several smaller but more specific goals, taking a 15-minute walk at lunch each day or drinking 10 glasses of water per day.





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