5 Things You Should Be Doing More Often in 2017

So another year has come to an end, we all are pumped up to kick start the new year with new year resolutions.

Our motivation level is on the highest every time a new year starts, but slowly, we get back to our routine stuff and forget about our resolutions calling them stupid.

But here is a list of 5 things you should be doing to make this new year the best year of your life (so far)

Reading More


A lot of people don’t want to commit to it, don’t be that person. If you ae having trouble reading for a longer time, try reading web articles (like this one), Install Pocket App on your phone and save the articles that interest you, read them whenever you want.

Reading gives you knowledge, it will motivate you, clear our all your misconceptions, it will satisfy your soul. Force yourself to make time for reading.

Better Health

Check out 10 ways to live a healthy lifestyle

Try quitting your unhealthy habits. It can be smoking, drinking alcohol,
spending more on PC or Mobile, Selfies. Try minimizing it.

Start exercising, if your excuse is that you don’t have got time, Install 7 Minute Workout App. All you need is just 7 minute to feel better for the entire day.

Meet new people


This world is home to over 6 billion people, of different color, language, culture, opinions.

How many of them do you know? 20, 30 50?
You don’t have to be friends with each new person you meet, but just talking to them will give you a unique perspective to this amazing world.

Travel More


You should aim to Travel more this year, not just to meet new people, but to explore new places. The World is big and your time is limited. Make use of it, make every second count.

Go to a new town, city, state, country or continent (depending on your budget obviously) This is possibly the best thing you can do for yourself.

Help others

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Help the needy people, help them in your capacity, it can be charity, or helping someone cross the road, you don’t always have to help someone with money, kindness doesn’t cost a thing.

Pledge to work on these 5 things in the next year, these all are connected to your happiness. Make them your habit, stick to it as it might take a while to form a habit.

We at lifetippr wish you a very happy new year.






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