10 Ways to Live A Healthy Life When You Hardly Can


It is rightly said – ” Health is Wealth” but in today’s world a half eaten toast makes breakfast, lunch is altogether ignored, KFC becomes our stomach’s best companion when it cannot stand the loneliness anymore and dinner’s again taken lightly.

Can our body preserve itself and remain immune after we make it devoid of its nutritional weapons? Here are a few ways in which we can care for ourselves when we don’t have enough time :

1) Drink loads of water

It is hard to curb the urge to eat outside once outside our homes. The food outside is not only oily but that oil is reused over and over again!

Therefore, drink loads of water as it washes away the toxins and gives you a glowing blemish-free skin!

2)Make fruits your budd

If your purse can contain a variety of your make up and other accessories, I’m sure you can find some place to fit an apple or any fruit of your choice!

It will give you something healthy to munch on and save a few bucks unnecessarily spent on junk.

3) Limit your intake of coffee or tea

They help concentrate on work,agreed, but they are addicting and too much intake can cause blood pressure related problems. Switch to green tea, flavoured milk or lemonade.

4) Set time to eat

Set a strict timetable for yourself assigning appropriate time for your meals. This will discourage the unnecessary munching in between and will provide you with the required amount of nutrients.

5) Don’t crash diet!

You hardly eat properly and when you do, its carbs! Obviously you’ll gain weight, but starving yourself isn’t the solution.

Eat nutritious meals with low carbs at proper intervals and avoid the urge to munch. You can cut down your intake but ending it completely is utter foolishness.

6) Exercise

As boring as it may sound, its still essential! Wake up a little early and go for a jog or do cardio exercises of any form for an appropriate amount of time.

If you cannot take out time for that, device ways to give your body some physical workout like- take the stairs and chuck the elevator!

7) Appropriate amount of sleep

As per doctors, a healthy grown up working human being needs at least 6 hours of sleep. But our work load forbids us from having this pleasure. Well, try! Or if you can’t, take 1-2 breaks in between work and just sit back and relax.

You can even carry your eye masks to office, kidding! You’ll be fired. On a serious note, you need a breather which can also be taken by going to a nearby park for a stroll.

8) Say no to smoking

Tobacco in any form is harmful for health. It not only causes cancer but various other ailments. Cigarettes are seen as antidepressants and stress relievers but they aren’t!

They just make your thought process numb for sometime giving you a sense of relief from thinking too much! They are hazardous for our health and should be avoided. Switch to meditation. It helps.

9) Drink less

Office parties, reunions and at certain special occasions its okay to give yourself the liberty to drink in control but otherwise it should be avoided. After all, you don’t want a beer gut which cannot be toned or a damaged liver for life!

10) Pamper yourself!

Set a day of the week on which you can completely isolate yourself from the world and have a little ‘ME’ time. Give yourself a spa treatment or cook yourself a feast or spend some indoor time with a friend having a movie marathon! Its your life, and you have the entire right to live it !





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