5 New Habits You Should Adapt To Make The Most Of Your Time


“A habit, makes YOU.” I bet each one of us in our childhood has gone through long lectures from our folks on-“how to go about life or do things” or “how not to do them “.

We, as kids, had an inbuilt wishful mechanism to ignore these, only to realize as adults, that our habits and in turn, the actions that they cause, do have a huge impact on our lives. Mostly we are scolded on how we spend our time.

It being a fleeting entity, is often lost before anything productive is done.Therefore, today, i’ll tell you about 5 Steps which you should adopt in order to make the most of your time.


Often we start a task half-heartedly which leads us to either giving up midway or finishing with poor results. Develop a habit of mentally counselling yourself about the task that you wish to perform. Ask questions like- “why do you want to do it?” or “what’s the benefit of it all?”.

Once you are convinced that you need to do something and you have a concrete reason behind it, you’ll do the task in no time without tons of contemplation DURING the task, because the thinking part is already done at the very beginning!


Usually long complicated tasks paint such an awful picture that we end up ignoring them or continuously pushing them to a later time. Therefore, divide your task, break it down into small portions and jot them down and hence, form a list.

When you complete one portion of the task at hand,proudly make a ‘tick’ in front of it.You can separate each task by a 5-10 minutes gap taken to rest and re-boost to work once again.


You can either allot time,a deadline, to the entire task or to the various breakdowns of it. Give sufficient time to yourself for their completion.

DO NOT be lenient on yourself. Remember, its all for your own betterment!


Set a punishment for yourself if and when you are not able to complete the work you assigned to yourself, on time. For example : Sacrifice your fun time, cut it short, after all, “YOU SLACK…YOU LACK!”


How about going to McDonald’s later? Or watch a movie with friends? Reward your hard work with a treat to yourself.

The joy will be double in doing so, as you are done with your chores and you no longer have to worry about them or the consequences which arise on NOT doing them.

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