7 Secrets To Transform Your Body in 7 Weeks


Just take a look at this 45-year-old mom of 3. Took the challenge of transforming her body and did that in 49 days.

Jacqui said her 7 major keys to success included the following:

1. Lifestyle.


The challenge provided a short-term goal to focus on. But training was not something temporary for achieving one goal; Jacqui viewed it as part of her new and permanent lifestyle.

2. Progression.


They say, “do what you’ve always done, get what you’ve always got.” Jacqui knew this, so she progressed her workouts weekly. She added weight to the barbells and dumbbells, she increased the intensity level, and she also progressed her cardio, pushing herself a little harder each week.

3. Consistency.


Being consistent is a common trait among fitness enthusiasts, and Jacqui did not miss a single exercise session the entire 49 days.

4. Prioritization


Jacqui trained first thing in the morning and made it the priority of her day. She also walked in the evening.

5. Knowledge.


She studied and soaked in all the information from the Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle book and from all the articles and audio interviews in the Burn The Fat inner circle website. She modelled the success strategies of other champions and adapted them for herself.

6. Persistence.


Everyone hits stumbling blocks and obstacles – achieving a challenging goal is never smooth sailing. The difference between the finishers and the dropouts is the “never give up” attitude.

7. No procrastination.


Winners and champions always do at once what needs to be done. Nowhere is this truer than during a 7-week (49 day) fitness challenge when there is so little time; every week, every day, every workout counts. Nothing is ever “put off for later.”

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