9 Things A Guy Should Never Say To A Girl When She’s On Her Period

Period on my leg

The term ‘Period’, thankfully, has become less of a taboo now. It is important that a guy should know about what it is. What it is vital for and not view it as disgusting and unnecessary.

Nowadays, it has become a matter of humour among boys. If a guy is irritated or angry over an issue, his friends would say something like- “Dude, are you on your period?” and have a great laugh.

But let me tell you, it is a scientific fact that a certain amount of fluctuation in hormone levels,during periods, can influence a women’s emotional stability, if not the already prevalent fact that women go through a hell lot of pain compared to men, resulting into anger and irritation. So to all the men out there, here are a few things which you should avoid saying/doing at such times:

1. She is ALWAYS right!

If you aren’t acquainted by this already, her ‘that-time-of-the-month’ would get you to succumb soon. For your own safety, just don’t mess with her.

i'm never wrong

2. If you do, apologize without further ado

Just be the big guy and own up to it. You might be right, but you don’t have to go through acute stomach pain, have a hot water bottle slapped against your belly, have weird thoughts and mood swings, have the urge to cry and curse all the time and loads more. Yeah, that’s what we girls go through.

I'm sorry

3. She might look a mess, but don’t say it!

From her daily diva look, she might switch to plain T’s, from having stylish hairdos to having a bed head, from smiling all the time to being grumpy and complaining, she might look hideous, but don’t judge her! Despite everything, tell her how beautiful she is. At that time, she seriously needs to hear that.


4.The worst thing you could do is LAUGH AT HER!

She loves your jokes. Even when you make fun of her, all in good humour, she might laugh it off and let it slip, but you dig your own grave when you do it during her period. DO NOT MAKE FUN OF HER! Don’t deprive yourself of the wonderful life you have.

angry women

5. Continue with your habits that annoy her

There are things about you, she doesn’t like and trust me, it is the worst time of the month to remind her of them and test her patience, for she has none at that time. It takes everything just to stand, walk and show up, or talk normally when all she wants to do is be secluded and don’t give a damn. Therefore, try being a bit like she wants you to and don’t get her to start complaining.

stop this madness

6. Leave her efforts unnoticed

You really should serenade her. Just kidding. All she wants is for you to notice the small efforts she makes, even in that condition, and appreciate her, more than you usually do. A bit of emotional support and pampering never hurts. And if you don’t:

I hate you

7.Criticize her

Now that’s a landmine situation and you have no way out of it. You point out her flaws and she definitely, goes for your head.

keep saying shit like that

8. Be overly friendly with another girl

Now she isn’t a psycho. Normally, she’d be fine with you having a light-hearted conversation with another girl. But love, this situation isn’t normal. You get all comfortable talking to another girl, and you have an added expense of a tissue box and chocolates, bought in order to stop her from crying, feeling sad or in worst case possible, angry. Very Angry.

why_girls reaction

9. Avoid her

It seems like an easier option but it won’t do any good other than provide you with a temporary solace. But that will be just like the calm before a storm. Now you know why they name all the hurricanes after women.

being sarcastic





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