In 2015 I weighed 75KG (My height is 5ft 8 inch), I was not fat, but I was bulky. Sitting in front of the computer all day was my routine and late night visits to the fridge were part of my routine because I had this misconception that if I work more I’ll be more productive which was hardly the case.

I used to sleep later and get up feeling tired, wondering why is my body no fresh despite not having done any physical activity.

Being a full-time blogger all I could do was research online, and I quickly found the problem, where I was wrong and how I needed to fix it.

I was working all day long without any stretch and was using a lot of brain power. At the end of the day, I was mentally tired but I wasn’t tired enough to get ready for sleep resulting in insomnia.

When I was getting up I felt tried because I was not getting the proper sleep.

So the solution to this problem was,

to balance the mental and physical activity. I had to do some kind of physical activity so that my body could get tired. and I could sleep properly.

Now, the reason I never considered doing workouts because I already felt tired. This is exactly the ‘Which Came first, Chicken or the Egg’ situation.

In my case, it was, “should I work out to get tired and sleep properly, or I am already tired and can’t workout.”

The Baby Steps.

Hitting the gym was not an option because of my so called Busy Schedule, even though I work from Home, I have so much to take care of. And one of the reasons which I am sure many will agree was the commitment to make time for the gym every day.

So I turned to tech and started taking little baby steps towards fitness and staying healthy.

First, the thing I started using was, to start taking a short break between works, standing up from my desk and playing with my kids for a few minutes (they are just in the other room), I’ve shared about this on Hellboundbloggers.

Next was to add longer daily walks, whenever I get time or I have something to pick from local shops that are a few blocks away from my home.

It is not enough to live a healthy life but you definitely start feeling the difference and it works as motivation to do more.

Watching What I Eat by Counting my Calories

It’s written all over the internet that Staying Fit is more about what you feed your body than how much you stress your body. And you really need to watch what you are eating.

And become conscious of what I should eat, and when I should eat. This also mean saying no to late night snacks.

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Medicine to boost up sugar levels in times of need.

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MyFitnessPal is an App for Counting Calories, and it helps a lot in telling you how many calories a particular meal has.

And if there is something that is not available in the MyFitnessPal app, you can always Google it.

Say ‘OK Google‘ and ask How many calories in ‘XYZ’ you will most likely see it on the Google page itself.

My Workouts  Outside of a GYM

Since I was not ready for the commitment for going to a GYM, (buy the Gym Subscription, Buy Supplements, Running Shoes and 2 hours of your day etc) I again turned to Mobile apps to guide me.

7 Minute Exercise: I found this app to be promising because all you need is 7 minutes to spare, there is no equipment needed for 7 Minute workout and it is so intensive that I almost passed out when I did it for the first time.

Fast forward to today, (March 2017) I can do 3 Rounds of 7 Minutes ( total 2 minutes) and not get tired.

RunKeeper: My Wife gifted me a Bicycle on my B’day, I had told her that I was considering buying a Cycle to add some physical activity to my daily routine.

Runkeeper, though is an app that tracks your Running activity, but it also tracks cycling activity, it precisely tells you how many calories you’ve burned, how much area you covered in what time.The numbers are really helpful and inspiring.

Keeping a Track of My Daily Activity

Not all my days are spent on my work desk, I sometimes to go the local Cafe to work, or sometimes I am hunting for something in the local markets, It is better to know in numbers how much activity you do in a day.

I bought a Mi Fitness Band (it’s really affordable at just $35) to track how much I move in the day and how well I sleep in the night.

The numbers were quite embarrassing in the start but knowing about your activity in numbers is useful as it tells you how much improvement you need.

It has got better now, my daily goal is 8000 Steps, which I still don’t complete every day, but I make sure I add a round of 7 Minute exercise

Right now my weight is 71KG, 4 KG in 15 months is not a big deal, but losing weight wasn’t the goal here.

It may be just 4 KGs of difference but I’ve lost more Fat and gained more muscles. I feel energetic during the entire day. I try to sleep early but I still struggle.

“Life is far from perfect, but that’s just how life is. No Perfect.