How to Stop Procrastinating in Life And Get Stuff Done

When you have a task to complete and you deliberately delay it by choosing to work on other things, you are actually procrastinating.

I do it all the time, I open my laptop to work on articles and other important stuff, but then I go to YouTube to watch just one video before starting the work. Everybody knows that it’s quite impossible to close YouTube after watching just one video.

I end up watching more videos and use all my work time.

Why Am I doing this? why do you delay your tasks and who to do easier things.

Well, we will have to find our what’s in the procrastinators’ mind. I’ve found this video on Youtube (while procrastinating) which tells why we procrastinate and how we can tackle it.

While we are at this, I want you to read this post on how to get work done.





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