7 Steps To Getting Things Done in Time

keep calm

“Love the work that you do or don’t do it at all.” Some people tend to take it pretty seriously. This doesn’t work in real life guys! You are made to do stuff that is required by the hour and you have puny or no say in things at all. Putting off inevitable tasks to work on them later not only piles up stress and pressure but turns itself into a bad habit, a vicious cycle that hardly has a weak link to it. So how can you NOT bring yourself to the point of mental breakdown under stress, work efficiently and not have your laziness or messed up priorities get you to procrastinate? Here are a few things that you can do about it.

1)  Stop Making Excuses

Admit that your laziness has crippled you and is the reason why you are unable to complete an urgent task by its deadline. Agree that your choices and preferences are wrong as far as your priorities go, making you push the task, that least interests you, to a later date. Stop blaming your circumstances and brewing up excuses. It doesn’t help. Self-realization is the key. But it shouldn’t be one of those late night self-talk about- “just what am i doing with my life?” it should stay and should be taken care of.

2) A TO-DO List

Let’s go the kinder-garden way! Make a list of things you want to complete in a day and go on ticking them after you are done with each. Not only will it give you a sense of satisfaction and add on to your energy making you optimistic about things but also get you more organized, which has its own benefits. You will love how you are able to do your work with efficiency and not postpone it the way you used to earlier.

3) The Biggest Hurdle First:

We humans have a habit of opting for shortcuts or an easily attainable thing. BUT, this gets us to loose interest and give up when we reach tasks that require our utmost attention ‘cause they are at a much greater difficulty level (hence tiring and boring) and none of us love working our butts off, now do we? But as they are essential,we need to take care of them too. All we need to do is to go backwards! Start with the toughest task on your list. The euphoria of completing such a task is immense and then reward yourself with a sense of relief while working through the easier ones.

4) Tick-Tok…Tick-Tok!

It has been proved that people work better when they have a strict deadline or a strict employer, in short, under pressure! Set a time limit to each task you assign to yourself. Be realistic while doing this, not lazy! Not only will this get you to work faster but to also be genuinely engrossed in completing the task before time runs out. It’ll help you realize that time isn’t against you if you use it wisely!

5) Remove Distractions :

When doing something that doesn’t interest us in the least, everything and anything seems VERY interesting. GET YOURSELF AWAY FROM DISTRACTIONS! switch off your PC, even remove the wire from the socket if you have to! Get the food out of your sight and if nothing works, i suggest you even go as far as locking yourself up in your room and not letting yourself out unless you have completed what you had to or for a breather after a really difficult task.

6) Team Work

Its not just YOUR problem. Every other person is suffering from it these days! Things always shape up better when you work as a team! Come in contact with such people. Share your problems, listen to theirs and reach a common solution. Work together by challenging and motivating each other and setting up goals together. You can even come up with a funny punishment for when either of you is incapable of doing what he/she had planned to do! Interesting ,right?

7) Reward Yourself

After you are done with your work, allow yourself to have a little “ME” time. But only after you are done with it! This will make you look forward to finishing your work even more and this anticipation will make you work harder and faster. Reward yourself by watching television, listening to music, hanging out with friends and following every activity that earlier proved as a distraction and kept you from completing your work on time and got you to push it to a later date. Go WILD! after all you have EARNED it!