9 Signs You Should Get Married Now

GetMarriedNowKunal Nayyar with Wife Neha Kapur

1. Your Facebook Newsfeed is Filled with Wedding and Baby Photos

Each one of your friend has a Weeding Photos Album on Facebook, and are now actively sharing their photos of their new-born babies. The only way to avenge them is to get Married and Spam their newsfeed with even more photos. Hell Yeah.

2. You Have No One to Go Out with on Weekends

bored@homeBrad Pitt / True Romance

So, all your friends are now busy with other things, like their wives/GFs and their new spiced up life (at least that’s what their Facebook posts say) You are left alone to keep browsing Facebook and see them check-in at your favourite places with Their partners. (I know how it feels bro)

3. Your Friends Start Giving Priority to their Work

NoTimeforYouJamie Foxx

Did you ever imagine that your friends, who were your partner in Crimes, okay, partner in creating nonsense, will now give more importance to their Work? yes, that’s what growing up is all about. No Nonsense. (What nonsense)

4. Valentine’s Day is just another day for You

ValentinesDay_lonelyYou see people around you getting excited about their Dates, nights and all the action they are going to get and you prepare yourself for sharing stuff like ‘you don’t believe in such things and everyday is a Valentines day for you. (That’s so meta)

5. When You Feel Like Going to the Office Even on Sundays

MLSucksRob Ford the Movie

Because there is no reason to stay at home, you don’t want to be lonely and you don’t have anyone to go out with either.

6. When It starts getting tougher to lose weight.

Cheers_CouchPotato _ 1You maybe young at heart but You are getting older, it’s time to think about starting a family, perhaps getting married.

7. When You Start Noticing Too Many Couples Around You.


You crave for things you don’t have in a long time, and if you start noticing a lot of coupons around you, it might be a sign.

8. You Don’t have anything else to share on Facebook other than Memes like this one.

NoFbDPOkay, I made this up, because I have a few friends who would not do it if they were Married, or Engaged or maybe Dating Someone.

9. When Your Crush Just Got Married.


You waited too long to confess your love to your crush, and their latest Facebook’s life event post about getting married just broke your heart. It’s time to move on and find a life partner, and don’t just Add them on Facebook this  time, tell them you love. We can help read out next post.

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