10 Signs You Have A Crush On Someone


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To have someone you like,a crush,for whom you yearn, is a beautiful thing till it stays within the bounds of rationality.But then again, you cannot expect a rational thought process or doing from a person who is in love with the idea of being in love with their crushes/ideal soul mates!

Here are some signs affirming whether you are crushing BAD on someone or is it just your mind playing games on you on account of you feeling lonely.

1) You take a sneak peek of them A LOT!

And by a LOT i do mean quite frequently ’cause after all they are your favorite person and their face, your favorite picture. You peek to see how they react to various things, how they laugh and (this is what I do and I know it sounds pretty weird/stupid) how they chew their food!

2) When their opinion starts to matter

“Hey, do you think this dress makes me look fat?” or “Do you like NIRVANA, they are pretty cool,you know?” When such questions are being exchanged in hopeful pursuit of a positive answer, know that you are soon gonna drown in what people call, love/infatuation.

3) When you wish for sometime alone with them

You don’t like friendly company/hindrance either! You just want some quality time alone with them- talking about their beliefs, future plans, their favorites and anything that gets you closer to them.

4) When you get jealous of every person of their opposite sex to whom they talk to

The slightest conversation they have with this person sets you on the edge and if they go ahead and laugh, you are engulfed by the wrath of jealousy coming onto you all at once! This might not be healthy at times for your friendship with that person but counselling a love struck person is hopeless.

5) When you find everything about them cute

Even their utter clumsiness becomes cute. THIS is clouding up of sane judgment! They stammer- CUTE! they fall down- a “HAHA” becomes an “AWW”. This people, is what crushing over a guy/girl does to you.

6) When you are ready to do whatever they ask you for

You do their homework, housework, even walk their pets for them, anything and everything to grab their attention, get their appraisal and in turn, love.

7) When you force yourself to laugh on their pjs

Even if they have the lamest sense of humor possible,you still force a giggle!Tch…love,makes you do just about anything.

8) When you day-dream about them

Yes you dream about a life together,about imaginary dates which take you from roadside golgappa stands to gondolas in Venice and them being all movie-like for you,YOU WISH!

9) When you find reasons to touch them

and then you probably don’t wash that hand for eternity!kidding,but if you could,you probably would.

10) When you do extra effort to be noticed by them

you try not to overdo your make up or your actions but the very sight of them makes you go gaga and you loose it!just once,if they notice you just once,you’d give anything for that!






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