6 Signs that You have a Hopeless Crush on SOMEONE

This article is for all the elite members of the Frustrated One Sided Lovers Association (FOSLA). Everyone has  been or is a part of this association at some point in their lives. Each one of us has gone or is going through the sadness of being happily in love. When we call that special someone our own without even letting them know. The love, happiness, sadness, hopelessness, disappointment, frustration, anger and excitement make the panorama of feelings which is actually wonderful. As here is God’s plenty that complete our lives with such variety of feelings.

So, don’t be a frustrated one sided lover but enjoy every moment of your free love when there is no responsibility or expectations but pure love.

Here are six signs that you’ll relate to if you have a hopeless crush on someone

1. ‘I’m in love

SRK Main Hoon Na

The magical feeling of being in love strikes your whole self. You can never define it but it’s always very special. It’s the feeling that actually gives you wings.

2. Anxiety

Malena Crush Monica

You feel anxious about your looks, your style, the way you smile or talk. The anxiety of talking to that special one for the first time is just priceless. You fumble, mumble and even tumble, but you make your way through.

3. Sadness

Guy Being Said

LOVE as can be observed can make you extremely happy, but there is a sad reality you have to face. The pain-staking fact that you can never ever express or be with kicks your heart out. But you have to accept it as another colour of love as all stories cannot end with “live happily ever after.”

4. Anger


If you are depressed but cannot express it to anyone. If all your feelings are locked in a little box called mind. Once in a while, the pressure will give way and you’ll find yourself venting your anger or better say frustration on someone or the other. The anger of choosing a wrong one as a special one is what make you feel irritated.

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5. Confusion

Creepy Boyfriend

The state of confusion is the best stage when you try to interpret their messages and even a smile as a sign that they too love you. Sometimes its yes, sometimes it’s the pathetic NO.

6. “Indeed there will be time”

Malena Crush

You know you want to accept the Reality, but the problem is you are too obsessed with this special that you keep on dreaming of the time when you’ll get their love. Indeed, there will be no time like that in your imagination. So, try to move on with your life.





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