An Artist Played with her Food for 31 Days Showing Her Amazing Creativity

What do you do when you feel creative?
You pick things up from your normal day routines and use them in favour of your art.

But not everyone is blessed with putting it as perfectly as this Malaysian Artist Hong Yi, who played with her food for 30 days but putting them in a plate.

Well, you might just say,  that’s what everybody does with their food, is there anything I am missing here?

Umm… Check it out by yourself.

Day 1: The Floating Watermelon

Instagram | redhongyi

Day 3: The Lemon Sun

Instagram | redhongyi

Day 5: The Chicken Family

FoodCreativity 05
Instagram | redhongyi

Day 8: The Dragon Food

FoodCreativity 08
Instagram | redhongyi

Day 9: The Tiger, Hello Mr Richard Parker

FoodCreativity 9
Instagram | redhongyi

Day 12: Giant Squid Attack! Made from squid and squid ink!

FoodCreativity 12
Instagram | redhongyi

Day 16: Three Little Pigs…part 2. Wolf made of charcoal bread, pigs made of kidney beans

FoodCreativity 16
Instagram | redhongyi

Day 18: Cucumber landscape. Made from one single cucumber. :)

FoodCreativity 18
Instagram | redhongyi

Day 20: The Ballet Dancers

FoodCreativit 20
Instagram | redhongyi

Day 23: An eggplant circus!

FoodCreativit 23
Instagram | redhongyi

Day 28: Red cabbage Marchesa Salad! With a few dollops of mayonnaise.

Instagram | redhongyi

Day 31: The World Map

Instagram | redhongyi

You can follow Hong Yi aka ‘Red’ on her Instagram profile where she shares more of awesome creatives.






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