Best Tips To Increase Height

1. Yoga is a very old regimen  that promotes personal health, spirituality and wellness . And when it comes to yoga and height increase, doing yoga does not increase one height, unless you’re still in your growth phase. Rather, it helps to stretch and elongate your spine, thus creates space and develops your spinal muscles. You’ll then hold yourself up more properly thus most likely look taller.

2. Waking up early and doing some exercise will actually help you increase your height. Start by doing some stretching, making sure that you stretch out your limbs properly.

3. Eat healthy foods with a balanced nutrition.

4. Exercise a lot especially a type of exercise that can lengthen the muscle like swimming, cycling, basket ball, etc.

5. Sleep well  at least 8 hours everyday.

6. Don’t take drugs and alcohols ,it will affect your hormone growth factor.

7. Discipline yourself and avoid skipping meals and having a heavy meal before sleeping. This will lessen the ability of the brain to release growth hormones, and it is really active during the first couple of hours of sleep.

8. An aerobic exercise routine will trigger the growth hormone for stimulating growth.

9. you may also take some pills/supplements for growth of your height or you may consult with doctor.

10. Take green tea instead of coffee.





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