3 Easy Beauty Tips by Shahnaz Hussain for A Beautiful Skin

Shahnaz Hussain has been in the beauty industry for over 25 years, and she’s learned many things. From makeup tips to skin care advice, her advice can be invaluable. Shahnaz has three steps for achieving glowing skin:

1) Protect your skin by using sunscreen regularly

Sunscreen is a gross word, but everyone should know that it is the only way to protect your skin from sun damage. Skin cancer rates are on the rise and people’s skin is becoming more damaged by the day because they refuse to incorporate sunscreen into their daily routine.

In fact, according to recent research conducted at Duke University Medical Center, people who spent two hours in direct sunlight without applying sunscreen were 97% more likely to develop melanoma than those who had applied sunscreen before going outside.

2) Exfoliate at least twice a week

It’s important to exfoliate your skin at least twice a week. If you have not been doing this, then it is time to start.

Exfoliating removes the surface layer of dead cells from the skin. This improves the quality of your skin and helps with preventing blemishes and dryness. In addition, exfoliating helps with the absorption of other products you apply to your skin such as sunscreen or moisturizer.

3) Moisturize with a rich cream at night

The most important way to keep your skin healthy and hydrated is to use a rich cream at night.

To do this, simply apply the cream to your face and neck with your hands before bedtime. You can also add a rich oil or lotion if you want to really lock in moisture. Leave the product on overnight so it has time to work its magic!


These beauty tips by Shehnaaz Hussain are helpful to keep your skin healthy and looking youthful. The tips are simple and easy to follow, so anyone can use them. They’re also easy to implement into your lifestyle and they can be done at home.





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