8 Reasons Why People Should Watch Anime

Now you may call us nerds, otaku, loners, creepy or whatever you wish to call, but the truth remains unchanged. We are the people who have given a whole new exciting dimension to our lives and broadened our mindset.

Yes, anime does that to you. The ignorant lot is just jealous! It takes real patience and creativity to understand the depth each and every anime holds. Here are a few reasons why one should give watching anime a serious thought.

1. It Expresses Every Emotion Vividly

Anime doesn’t kid like cartoons. Like a book, it is expressive in its own way and anime lovers or anyone interested can feel its gravity and the emotions it wants to convey. It will make you cry, it will make you laugh to the point you pee a little, send butterflies flying down in your stomach or make you hate a character for being nasty with the one you support/ love.

2) Anime Chicks Are HOTTER!

Now the girls in anime are based on Japanese standards of beauty. Big eyes, big bust, slender waist and long legs. They are cuter and prettier than cartoons can ever conjure. They are not entirely unrealistic as there are many girls in Japan with the ideal anime figure, therefore, it isn’t entirely misleading like Mantel’s Barbie.

3) Interesting Storylines

From mythological influence to gender benders, anime never gets monotonous! It has fantasy elements, real life elements, psychological elements, drama, comedy and action. Just take your pick! The plots are well formed and exciting and the best part, they can’t be easily guessed until and unless it is pretty evident.

4) Anime Dudes Are A Total Eye Candy!

They are kind, gentle, tall and sexy or gruff and wild. You’ll definitely get what you are looking for. Now I know I sound crazy but if anyone of you ever had a huge crush on Kai from Beyblade, you’d understand!

5) They Teach You About Life

The thing with cartoons is, it is required of them to be funny, to be a hit among the masses, but an anime doesn’t aim to please. It’s more of something you can connect to, learn from and grow with. They are simply pictorial representations of portions of our life (albeit the fantasy elements).

6) You Learn a lot about Japan

Something your tour guides don’t tell you about. Japanese people are folks with a big warm heart and utmost respect for everyone. They’re pretty interesting with weird love beliefs! They find it rude or too forward to call people they are just acquaintances with by their first name! Another Funny Fact- In mangas/anime, when a person is in love their heart goes something like – *doki doki*.

7) They can teach you a lot about love

Anime can act as your own personal love-guru. It can teach you how you can act all girly, softspoken, make bento/lunch boxes to woo and also stand under a cherry tree on a windy day to let your hair sway like in a movie. Trust me, these lay a foundation for love in Japan so there’s no harm in trying!Kidding aside, these anime have some of the greatest proposal speeches i have ever come across.

and lastly,

8. Fight sequences are just AMAZING!

Dragon Ball-Z, Fullmetal Alchemist, Blood+, Naruto Shippuden, Fate/Stay night and loads more. The action scenes are totally breathtaking. They have everything you can ever wish or dream for and the best part, they are in balance. You’d never think of them as “too much”.

So, now will you re-consider watching anime?






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