7 Reasons Why Being An Introvert Rules


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Yes, expressive people do attract more attention and tend to stand out more but that isn’t enough of a reason for you to be disheartened. People like Abraham Lincoln and Michael Jackson were considered to be great introverts, so don’t be too hard on yourself! Be comfortable and accept all of you, there’s no shame in being what you are. You’ll find tons of other things that let you have an upper-hand! Some of which are :

1)You become a Mystery! :

People who talk a lot usually tend to reveal a major portion of themselves, while those who don’t, become mysterious beings in others’ eyes, if not ignored completely. They would want to know more about you or try harder for you to open up and tell a secret or two. Grapes out of reach might be regarded as sour, but it does catch the attention of the person who tries to get them, for pretty long. Demerits are there in being both, so its high time you take pride in what you are!

2)Makes you look wise : We attach traits like calm, one who speaks when needed and a good listener, to someone we consider WISE and who can be trusted. Now, being an introvert just might make you look mature and a sage or a sophist! its a blessing in disguise! Here, silence does a lot of talking indeed!

3) Considered innocent

Now this is funny. You might have a mischievous mind but you definitely don’t become someone’s first target of accusation for they think that as you hardly express yourself or take initiative, you probably have no ulterior motive to cause a commotion. You are viewed to be as innocent as the virgin Mary, but only if they knew!

4) Better advisers

When you speak less, you listen and observe more. This gives you a better understanding of things. You know the pros and cons of your actions and the probability of your making mistakes decreases considerably. Because of such observation powers, you can help a friend in need who needs your opinion on an important matter and you hardly give wrong advice as it already takes a lot of courage to speak those words which have been on a replay mode in your mind for pretty long!

5) Few close friends

“Nothing is worse than feeling alone around people you call your own” It is great to have tons of friends but it is always better to have a few close besties than to have a huge group of people you can’t be yourself with. You being introvert is a boon here! If someone makes an effort to break the cage in which you had confined yourself, he/she is a keeper!

6) Generally very informative

As they find it hard to talk to people, they usually spend their time doing something which doesn’t include any form of involvement of the masses. It can be- reading a book, learning new things, contemplating and trying to improve the person they are! Isn’t it a productive and better utilization of your time?

7) Taken to be shy!

And you just can’t resist that! Yes, majority like a confident person as their better half, but shyness is one trait which isn’t just favored in the older times, but its still found to be cute! Who wouldn’t like when their partner blushes at something they said? It just might prove to be what you need to spice things up.





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