5 Steps on How to Choose the Perfect Career for Yourself

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It’s hard to decide how you want to spend the rest of your life in just one moment and the rush, parental expectations and competition adds cherry to your cake of confusion!

The career deciding time is the toughest in every student’s life, at least million times rugged from those times when as kids, it was easy to switch from being an engineer to being a doctor, in essays. Normally, people are attracted to the outwardly glamour of their dream jobs but they neglect or are ignorant of the hard work that takes to get where their idols are today.

Here are a few steps that you should follow while choosing a career option for yourself :

1) Decide

What is it that you really want to do? A job? entrepreneurship? Choose your course accordingly. If it’s MBA that you wish to pursue and you are not keen on any technical grad. degree, go for courses like B.com or BJMC, but really make up your mind before taking any decisions ’cause after all its your life we are talking about. You’ll have to live with the choices you make.

2) Listen

Its-my life-I-make-the-rules attitude isn’t gonna pay you well here. Listen to what others have to say and then filter and collect the essential information/advice. Do not ignore any form of criticism.

They just might be right about what you need and what you should consider before making a life altering choice. They are called ‘ADULTS’ for some reason!

3) Research

Just deciding on what you wish to do isn’t suffice. You should know every detail about how you are going to go about it, what and how much hard work is required in it, what is its scope(nationally & internationally), best colleges for it and their placement scenario.

Don’t leave any loopholes in your research and choice, especially when trying to make your parents agree for your chosen career option. They have a right to worry, after all, its their hard earned money which is being invested plus their beloved child’s future which will be at stake if a wrong choice is made.

4) Talk to experts

Come in contact with people who are masters or are pursuing jobs in your chosen field. They will be better advisers as they’ve, at one point, been where you are today and done all the hard work and competed to be where they are now. They will guide you well.

5) Counseling

If you are not certain about your capabilities to choose the right career option for yourself, consult a counselor. They’ll lay down traits about you in a systematic way after considering your early academic performances, will let you know your shortcomings and what will be a realistic career option for you, and then you can be a better judge an decide what you want to do in life.





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