We bring the opportunity to write for Lifetippr. You can also be the part of our Editorial team of Lifetippr by writing content on the website.

Whether you are a movie buff or a style conscious person, It’s quite easy to start. You will have to fill up the form below explaining what you are planning to write. And point us to any of your previously written article on the web (optional).

We will register  your account and give you the login credentials by email. You can then log in and  fill up your profile and  start writing the posts.

They will be published on the website once they are approved by the moderators.

We know that creating content is an art and take a lot of time, We appreciate that so when you publish 10 posts on the Lifetippr, you will be featured on the team page.

Make sure you read our contributor guidelines

  • You have a cool story to tell, we really would like to publish it.

  • You can Entertain with your words, you are most welcome.

  • The Content You Write Must Be Unique. We check each and every post before getting it published. So please don;t waste your time and ours as well.

  • Self Promotion is a good thing, but really don;t publish (Press Releases) unless it’s really entertaining, We also don’t sell links so your link-rich posts might get rejected.

  • Poor grammar and English turns us off, a few typos here and there could do, but a complete sentence that we struggle to read has little chances of getting published.

  • If you are a Media Agency wanting to contribute free content to our website, please don’t register.

  • Are you new to blogging? don’t worry, there is always a first time.

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