6 Worst Sequels & Remakes of All Time

Great movies spawn sequels off all the time. Most of them work but some of them fail rather badly, making us question the very meaning of life and the making the director wonder why he ever decided to go ahead with the plan and ruin something special. Here’s a small list of some of the worst sequels and remakes of all times, give this a read to give these films a miss.

1) Ram Gopal Varma Ki Aag

RGV's Aaag

This fire should have been put out the moment this very thought of such a remake entered someone’s mind. It’s hard to believe this was the creation of someone who can boast of making such films like Sarkar, Satya and Company. The director, Ram Gopal Varma was of the opinion that this was his most ambitious project yet. A very misguided ambition in that case. The cast has such stars like Amitabh Bachchan, Ajay Devgan and Sushmita Sen and yet this fire failed to spread. Why would Amitabh Bachchan do this to himself and a cult classic like Sholay ? The performances were sub-par, the dialogue was cringe-worthy and the action was foolhardy.

This movie showcases how not to touch a cult classic and remake a film.

2) Jaws: The Revenge

Jaws The Revenge

The film series that launched the career of one of the most prominent directors in Hollywood, Steven Spielberg, did not live up to the heights of the first movie in this series. Although Spielberg was not involved in this movie, which was the 4th and the final installment in the Jaws franchise, it did hurt to see how the mighty had fallen.

This sequel tried and failed to create the tension that was consistent in the original. The actors looked disinterested and looked liked they had better things to do, especially the lead characters. Even the special effects was laughable and not even remotely scary.

This revenge was a dish served cold and it would be for the best if this was the last dish served by this franchise that started with much promise but went downhill.

3) Superman IV: The Quest for Peace

Superman 1987

A quest that never should’ve begun in the first place. The movie is often included in the list of the worst movies ever made and rightly so. This looks like a half-hearted attempt to recreate something which started out brilliantly. The plot is a mess and the special-effects used are cheap and third-rate, the action bores you out and the plot makes you want to ask for your money.

In this movie, Superman actually pushed the moon around and managed to block the sun. It can’t get more ridiculous than that. But in fact it does, when humans start flying around in space without dying.

The movie was so bad that when the series was later revived with Superman Returns, it decided to ignore whatever happened in this one.

4) Batman & Robin

Batman & Robin

People would tell you, you’re joking if you tell them this movie is not a parody. Why is it always the fourth film in the series that gets on your nerve and makes you want to question the cinema itself?

Believe me when I say the filmmakers weren’t trying to be funny and still managed to send the audience roaring with laughter on a number of occasions. George Clooney, who starred as Batman in the movie, admitted that this film must have killed the franchise and called it a waste of money and precious time.

People knew that this movie was not going to be better than what they had seen before or surprise them, but it sank even lower than the rock-bottom expectations people had from this film.

The script and the plot are a complete wreck, the action makes you laugh instead of being awestruck and the costumes look like the ones borrowed for Halloween. Thank the Lord for Christopher Nolan and his genius in reviving the Batman series with his brand of class and intelligence.

5) Son of The Mask

Son of the Mask

Who hasn’t seen The Mask and loved Jim Carrey’s portrayal of the wacky, outlandish green dude? The movie was a success both critically and financially, cemented the reputation of Jim Carrey as one of the best comedic actors of the time and established Cameron Diaz as a leading lady.

Neither of them returned for this sequel and when you see it, you don’t feel like questioning their motives. The filmmakers have classified this movie under the ”comedy” genre. A decision still debated over. The movie is so non-funny that it would make an onion cry.

The jokes and plot of the movie take you nowhere, the script is incomprehensible and the actors are terrible in their respective roles.

If you’ve got a thing against someone, make them watch this movie and see them beg for mercy.

6) Speed 2: Cruise Control

Speed 2 Cruise Control

This project should’ve met with a speed breaker the moment it was shown the green light. While the first part had a fast bus and race against the time situation, the sequel had a slow moving ship which didn’t quite provide with the excitement and thrill that the former did.

Speed was one of the first movies I saw while growing up and it turned out to be a favorite straight away. The sequel, not so much. Keanu Reeves was smart enough to see this time the vehicle will definitely bomb and opted out of the project.

How unfortunate for Annie (Sandra Bullock) to find herself in a similar situation. The plot of the movie was unsurprisingly familiar, the dialogue was crass and rushed and the actors did not have enough material to act from.  The high-speed sequence of a bus can never be matched by a slow moving ship, something that the director wasn’t aware of.

After the film bombed, the cast was quick to blame the director and talked about how they regretted doing the movie. The film failed to create drama and suspense, the thrill, the emotions, well it failed at everything except failing.





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