8 Reasons why ‘FRIENDS’ is Better than ‘How I Met Your Mother’

I promise to be as impartial as I can but it’s pretty obvious that the American television Sitcom, Friends, is much better than HIMYM, and this post will just highlight the self-evident fact that Friends wins hands-down! (YAYIEE!)

1) It’s much more Realistic:

Friends is about different kinds of people with different lives yet they all choose to be together ’cause that’s what true friendship is all about. This series has a much more realistic approach towards real life.

On the other hand How I Met Your Mother too is all about friendship and love but it is much more unrealistic.

It is pretty believable that a guy can marry 3 times and all his marriages end up in divorce (as in case of Ross Gellar from Friends) but it is extremely weird to be friends with someone for so long and still not know what they do for a living (our very own Barney from HIMYM).

barney and ted himym

2) More Relate-able

Now when something is realistic it obviously becomes much more relate-able. Friends is pretty similar to our daily lives. It has its crazy moments (Pheobe moments) but they aren’t blown out of proportion.

As for HIMYM, well let’s just say Barney cosplays, and everything is always AWESOME and LEGEN-wait for it- DARY!

thank you babies

3) Title Justification

Friends is exactly how it sounds. Story about friends, while, How I Met Your Mother is a series in which Ted Mosby is telling his kids about his encounter with their mother who died due to an unknown illness after an appearance in just one season out of 9.

What the series is basically about is his unrequited love for the kids’ aunt Robin. So, apparently, for 8 seasons we are made to wait eagerly for this Mother who is killed in the same season in which she makes an appearance only for Ted to meet up with Robin again!

Friends-what the damn hell

4) Original is always better

Friends aired in 1994 while HIMYM in 2005. Both stress upon friendship and love.

Both even have almost similar scenes! Like Ted’s extremely hazardous girlfriend officer Jeanette who threw things out of his flat and Joey’s girlfriend who punched a lot! or both Rachel and Robin join the group of friends in the pilot episode and the nerdy guy of the group falls for them and both the girls suck at cooking.

In Friends, they have Central Perk to hangout in and in HIMYM, MacLaren’s pub. So now you know, who copied from whom?

friends from friends

5) Barney vs Chandler

Both characters are witty in their own specific way. Barney aims to make everything AWESOME and knows his ways around girls. He has a Playbook, specifying ways (scams) to win over girls. On the other hand, Chandler’s humour isn’t scripted and neither are his ways with the ladies.

Yes, he often makes a fool of himself, but he later ends up having a successful marriage while Barney, with a divorce from Robin. Barney just got whipped!


6) Come on! Even the Theme song is better!

Friends’ theme song-“I’ll be there for you”, by The Rembrandts, tells you about how friends always stick together no matter how worse your life gets and they still won’t leave you. As for “Hey Beautiful” by The Solids, the theme song of HIMYM, it sure does have a catchy tune and fun to sing along. but I’d prefer meaningful+catchy to just catchy any day!

Robin and Ted HIMYM

7) Funnier

HIMYM has a lot of plotting and playing and scripted humour while Friends has weirdness and KING of sarcasm- Chandler. You just can’t beat the king!

the barney stinson

8) The End

In Friends, Monica and Chandler adopted twins, Ross and Rachel got back together, Pheobe and Mike were living their life as a married couple, and Joey, well he was just being Joey. It ended on a sad note, showing how things were changing. Chandler and Monica bought a new house that they were moving in, which meant leaving a flat full of memories, but they all still had each other, so a happy ending none the less.

Whereas in HIMYM, the mother, for whom the entire story was told, died all in one season, probably following the popular demand for Ted and Robin to get back together, but seriously, they killed a really nice lady!

group hugs

So, How I Met Your Mother Fans:

How you doing





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