7 Types of Friends Everyone Has In Their Group


Friends, they say, are blessings in life. They are the ones we choose for life. Most of us make the right choices, but when we get friends in in bulk or say a gang of friends, we end up getting some people who are little different in their own way.

Here are 7 different kind of friends everyone has in their friend circle.

The Show Off Friend

Rich Friend

Source: Popsugar

Seeks Attention from all the friends every time, he wants to to be the center of attraction. Shows off his new Watch, Phone and takes Selfies of even their shows. Yes, Selfies.

The Extra Caring Friend

I care forYou

Source: rebloggy.com

Though you don’t need it all the time, there is always someone who keeps asking you what’s wrong when sees you little upset. Some people appreciate, some just hate it.

The Pessimistic Friend

Pessimistic Friend

Source: unknown

They are always cribbing over small things. Why is Black is not orange, and blah blah.

The Troublemaker Friend


Source: Gifavs.com

There is a friend who enjoys seeing you in trouble, and when there is non, he creates it for you.

The Lucky Dog Friend

over confident

Source: unknown

The lucky Dog, always one step ahead of you. Actually, so many levels ahead of you, like a Ph.D in getting lucky.

The Exaggerate Friend

In a shock

Source: unknown

The breaking news creators, they are the ones who create and issue out of nothing.

The Best Friend


Source: unknown

There is always someone who claims to be your best friend. Well, yes, there is.






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