7 Type of People You Meet in College

Remember the first time you entered your college and you knew that your life has changed? That strange sense of happiness, that amazing sense of freedom and that eerie sense of missing your family.

In short, life at college was amazing don’t you think?

Well, if you are yet to experience all this let me tell you, your college life would be the most missed phase of your life.

To all those who have been to college must be knowing the seven kinds of people everyone at college has, to all those who have not yet been there.

Here’s a list of these GREAT SEVEN SAGES every batch

1. The Geek

the Geek

These are the least fun loving creatures present on the campus. They spend their free time in the library mugging up pages of the course and have the ability to revise the syllabus 5 times before the semesters.

2. The Flirt

over confident

These are the bees which have the supernatural ability to locate each and every beautiful flower on the campus! Cheesy lines, stylish clothes and expensive accessories are their Aadhar card.

3. The Rock Star


T-Series | Rockstar

The batch is incomplete till we have one of those “VOICE OF THE DEPARTMENT”. Well, we all need someone to entertain us during the free time.

4. The HE-MAN


These people started to work out even before they started to crawl! They tend to have a “sola ka dola, chhiyalis ki chhati” which they love to show off on their social networking pages.

BEWARE OF THESE PEOPLE! Making one angry can be lethal!

5. The Teacher ka Chamcha

i'm just gonna crowl

These people are my favourite! The way they praise all the faculties, the way they appreciate all their decisions, the way they try to be over-friendly with them makes me think that what would the faculties do to them if they heard them behind their backs!

6. The FATTU

Scared Lemur

These people are the lovely creations of the Mother Nature. They are soft-spoken, generous and never get angry even if you humiliate them publically. Not because of them being peace lovers or having attained spirituality, but because of the fact that they are scared of almost, EVERYTHING.

7. The Yaaro ka Yaar


These people are the most important members of the batch. They can do anything and

everything for a friend (so as they say). Need anything? Just give them a missed call and they’ll

make the moon appear on a no moon night!





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