Top 10 Tips To Gain Weight

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1. Increase your protein intake. Your body needs a lot of protein to build new muscle. But since most of the calories for weight gain comes from carbohydrates and fats, do not replace them with protein.

2. Eat Banana three times a day or you can make banana shake in milk to gain weight ,It works Best .

3.Consume a lot of high-calorie snacks (not junk food) such as cheese sticks, milk shakes, muffins, dried fruits, yoghurt and breakfast bars.

4.Eat foods with high protein content such as beans, pulses and peas, and foods with high starch content such as potatoes, rice ,chapattis etc.

5. Choose dairy products, fish and meat over bread. Choose eggs over vegetables.

6.Get lots of sleep. This is one of the easiest yet most neglected weight gain tips. Sleep for a minimum of 8 hours night. You’re body needs it to function properly.

7. Do not consume products that are made from white flour and sugar as these may harm your body adversely.

8.In summer you can drink mango shake in milk to gain weight ,Mango  contains very high sugar but not protein ,on the other hands milk contain protein not the sugar , So the combination of both will compliment with each other.

9.To gain weight, you do not NEED supplements, but they will help you gain the weight quicker. That’s what they are, supplementation to an already good diet and training program. Think of supplements as the finishing touch.

10. Take Milk and boil it with Almonds , Anjeer and date palm ,It will help to gain weight.

Note : It might take a long time, usually a few months, for the weight to actually show. Some people get frustrated and quit when they fail to see drastic results.Your body will only responds to a consistent schedule. No weight gain programme will work for you if you are not regular.

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