7 Things That Guys Think Comes Along With Being A Girl

There’s much more to being a girl than just basic physical appearance and anatomy. “Girls are ‘GIRLY’!” Just what is so wrong with being girly? And is there something wrong with a girl who prefers Beyblade/DBZ to HSM movies? No. We all have our preferences and we’d appreciate if we aren’t judged based on them, or not judged at all!

Here are some mainstream ideas that guys have about girls which are so not true!

1. All Girls Like Pink!

Seriously, now even colours are being categorized based on gender! Some girls like pink, the others don’t! How hard is it to accept? Parents, please stop painting your baby girl’s room pink just ’cause she’s a girl.

Ak for her to choose instead! Mattel, stop making Barbies wearing pink dresses and accessories only!

Such naiveness infuses itself in boys during childhood and remains throughout teenage and adulthood. Boys wearing pink T’s or shirts are referred to as GAY or not manly. Just Sad.

I hate pink

2. Action Movies are Not Our Cup of Tea

Girls are not just ‘pretty faces’ or ‘delicate darlings’. If we like action movies, don’t look at us as if we’re uncanny or something. P.S: A girl with a weapon is probably the sexiest thing you can ever imagine.


3. They Watch Sports Only Because of HOT Sportsmen

We know the game, we know the rules. Good looking sportsmen are just cherry on the top like short skirts of Maria Sharapova are for you! Judge us the day you are spotless.


4. All we ever talk about is ‘shopping’

All of us like wearing good clothes so what is so wrong in shopping and being honest about it? And it’s so not true that shopping is all we ever talk about. Nowadays, boys shop more than girls (gadgets and all their stuff included), it’s just that they’ll NEVER own up to it.


5.All Girls Take Hours Getting Ready

It totally depends on the occasion and the apparel we choose for it. Men take an equal amount of time if not more when they need to get all suited up! And some of us don’t really take that long anyway! Stop defaming the entire gender!

Cosmopolitan Male


Excuse me? Is it wrong to correct you when you make mistakes that may or may not lead to grave consequences? We agree that we aren’t perfect, but it has been scientifically proven that girls mature faster than boys. So next time you question our point, just remember we have a better brain than you at that moment.


7. Lady Drivers = Bad Drivers

Nope. So not true! Yes, we can get anxious or hesitant easily and pretty fast, but we don’t overtake rashly, speed up or try out stunts or maybe sometimes we do.







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