7 Things That Can Make Or Break Your First Date

Want to know how your date is doing? Read on to find out things that will help you not mess up your first date, if you don’t have plans otherwise, that is :P

1. Don’t be Late

Don't be late

This one’s for all the late comers! Buy a watch, set the alarm, do whatever but don’t keep the other person waiting for you. Don’t make the chances for the second date look bleak for you.

2. Don’t be Overdressed


In a world so materialistic, it is true that the beauty on the inside doesn’t get you free drinks. However, that does not mean you wear everything that’s in your wardrobe and the make-up that makes people question your real identity. You will not want that, right?

3. Don’t Smell Bad

You Smell Bad

That’s like burning incense to drive away spirits, the difference being- the incense is aromatic and your date is not an evil spirit, at least that is what you think!

4. Don’t be Uptight


Uptight is the word for when you’re in a meeting with your boss or when your parents have been called by your teacher for the ‘little chat’. Upbeat is just right for when you’re on a date!

5. Go Dutch

images (1)

Splitting the bill into half and paying for your share evinces a stronger you and is courteous too. After all you’re on a date, not to a wedding where you can savour all the food for free.

6. Mind Your Manners


Gnaw your food, feel every bite that you take, immerse yourself in the delight, be the gourmet you’ve always been and forget the world around you…so long as it doesn’t get annoying. When you’re out in a restaurant or someplace, there’s a certain code of conduct that you should always keep in mind.

7. Don’t be a Braggart

I am a Rich Bitch

Stay hot, not haughty. Let your actions speak for you, not your Rado and Gucci.
‘Hai ghar, hai paisa, hai gaadi’…yeah yeah whatever!






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