Seven Things Every Girl Want From Their Boyfriend


Every girl dreams of a guy who will just walk into her life and sweep her off her feet. But often, the Mr. Perfect turns out to be Mr. Not-So-Perfect when he fails in fulfilling her expectations and drives her crazy with his annoying traits.
Here’s some things that your girl expects that you SHOULD do:

Make her feel special

How is she supposed to know that she means something to you if you treat her like you treat everybody else? Go out of your way and do things that lead her to realize that she’s very special to you. ( Specially when in a group )

Surprise Her

Nothing pleases a girl more than surprises. And the best part, the surprise needn’t be extraordinary! It could be as simple as a coffee you made for her or a romantic evening stroll or maybe get her a chocolate.

Gestures of Love

She wants to know you appreciate her, that you’re proud to have her. Amidst your friends, hold her hand, praise her, give her your attention and maybe that cute kiss as well.!

Let her feel your love

A girl will love it when you hold her hand, hug her and that hug from the back makes her hold her breath. Plus extra points for wherein you pick her up when you kiss her. Do it in a simple situation, when she least expects it.

Share your feelings

She wants to feel like a part of your world so don’t exclude her from even the slightest part of your life. Tell her all the things that happen with you whether it was a victory or a problem, whether you’re happy or you’re sad she deserves to know. She deserves a chance to share your smiles and tears.

Listen to her

When she’s frustrated or upset or in one of her mood swings, listen patiently. Do NOT interrupt. Nod your head, put your arms around her shoulder and for a while agree with things she says to make her feel better.

Respect her friends

She hates it when you tell her you don’t like her friends. Or worse, when you start pointing out things about her that annoy you. Like her, her friends deserve your respect. Be subtle, avoid TOO much involvement with her friends and be chivalrous.
Be her knight in the shining armour when she needs help, be her best friend when she wants to share something and then be her prince charming who takes her in the white horse carriage to the altar to say “I do”.





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