5 Facts That Prove Shopping Is Better Than Guys.

Girls !! We can all agree on the fact that shopping is way better that guys in some ways. Sometimes it is more comforting and it has a lot of advantages. Below is a list of some facts that prove shopping is better than guys! Shopping has a lot more advantages over guys … it’s your workout…physically as well as mentally etc.

1. “50% OFF ” Turns You on More Than Him Being all sexy.

Girls love Shopping

Shopping is always great, but shopping in the discount season can’t be explained …. it’s the world’s best feeling. And even a sexy guy can’t overpower that.

2.A Store Always smells good!


A store will always smell good no matter for how long it’s been open. It won’t ever be sweaty and stinky.

3.If a man doesn’t fit, you can’t exchange him seven days later.

Girl Loves to Shop

4.Shopping keeps you fit-Physically and mentally.

Sopping is Cardio

Shopping keeps you fit. When you shop, it’s like a workout for you both mentally and physically. It takes a lot of strengts to check out the latest collection in all the stores and a great deal of mental work is required to spot out the best products and deals.

5.You Are Always Treated Like a Princess in Stores.

Shopping Time

You are like a valued customer in the stores and they treat you like you are the most important person.





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