How to Overcome Your Fear


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One of the worst things anyone can do to himself/herself is to let their fear have the better of them. Fear stifles our thinking and actions. It creates indecisiveness that results in stagnation. It has such a massive impact that sometimes the most talented people, who are considered to be full of spirit, also stop and procrastinate indefinitely rather than risk failure.Always remember, it’s fear which leads to loss of opportunities which cause erosion of confidence, and thus, the downward spiral begins. Fear isn’t always bad. Its comes with being human and sometimes the fear of the consequences of a wrong deed, checks a person from doing it. But the fear which alters our life to the point where we no longer seem to be LIVING, is something which needs to END! And here is how you do it :

1) Acknowledge It

At times, we are ashamed to be afraid of a certain thing. We think if people come to know about it, they’ll mock us therefore, we deny its very existence but this only puts off our fear-removal rehabilitation process! Agree to the fact that you are afraid of something, no matter how small it is. This self-acceptance is the first step to reformation! Try telling a few people about it too. If they hear you out and motivate you, it’ll speed up the reformation process. If they ridicule or mock you, well, you have all the more reasons to overcome it now!

2) Analyze Your Fear

Of what are you afraid? What is the reason for you to be scared of it? And most importantly, WHY haven’t you done anything about it so far ? How can you overcome it? For example: You are scared of heights and you fear them because you think there is a high probability of you falling face down to the ground. The reason you couldn’t do anything about it was because you never acknowledged it, and even if you did, you never tried! And as for overcoming it, set a goal for yourself. You can go for trekking a peak or riding a lift made out of glass for 10-20 times. Go easier on yourself yet do not slack!

3) Do Not Force Yourself

Sometimes, its advisable to confront your fears head on but not everytime! It is a common belief that when you try doing what you fear, even go as far as forcing yourself to do it, it helps in removing your feeling of consternation. WRONG! You need to be sure and comfortable with whole idea of “overcoming your fear” .Take one step at a time, take it slow, there’s no hurry. Scared of snakes? No one is telling you to hang one around your neck or even touch it. Be within two meter radius of it and that’s more than enough for a start! Have issues regarding speaking your mind out to the masses? Start with people around you, dear to you or whom you can trust.

4) Don’t Let the Momentum Subside

It takes a certain amount of momentum to deal with fear. When you’re faced with setbacks it can be tempting to decide to give up. Stay determined to persevere even when it seems impossible to get past your fear by keeping these points in mind. Always remember, optimism is the key! Start seeing fear as an opportunity. Change your way of thinking about it. Let it fantasize you rather than scare the hell out of you.

5) Your Company

Don’t let other people hold you back. Recognize when someone is feeding your fears by telling you that you’re inadequate or incapable of changing yourself. Surround yourself with people who want you to overcome your fears and reach your potential. Know who to believe!

6) Celebrate Your Victories

Don’t wait until your fear has been completely overcome to give yourself a pat on the back for your effort. Celebrate each milestone, whether you saw a spider and realized you didn’t want to run away or spoke in public for five long minutes. When you see how good it feels to gain an edge on your fear, you’ll be ready to face the next one head-on.

7) See a Specialist

Consider seeing a counselor if your fears seem to be taking over. A trained specialist can help you figure out the source of your fears and create new ways of coping with them. Do not do anything dangerous! If you are confused about how you should go about a certain thing, consult a specialist for better advice.






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