5 Mistakes People Make In a Relationship!

Guys, be careful here because I am not only talking about the “Romantic” relationships but all kind of relationships in our lives i.e. our friends, families etc.

Sometimes our small actions turn into big mistakes in ruining a relationship and if we value those relations we need to know what are those mistakes.

1.Being a Leaning Tower!

barney and ted himym

Most people rely on other people for happiness, motivation and what not. It’s okay to rely on people sometimes but not always. If you can’t make yourself happy then dude this is some real problem !!


don't ask me questions

If you feel the need to place restrictions on your partner then the first thing you need to do is analyse your relationship. If a  person wants to cheat he/she will cheat no matter how many restrictions you impose.

3.Cutting off from other people.


This is the worst thing you can do after you get into a committed relationship. All kinds of relationships are equally important in our lives. Now you can’t do girl talk with your boyfriend duuhh!!!

4.The FAKE Start.


We all are a bit Fake or Artificial on our first dates … we brag a little bit or a lot to impress the other person but if it’s the right person he will be impressed anyhow. If u have a fake start then there are a lot of chances of cracks in that relationship. So be REAL.

5.Likes Over Love.

Epic Facepalm

This is the worst poison for any relationship because people nowadays measure the intensity of love in a couple by the number of likes on their picture. THIS IS SHIT!





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