10 Misconceptions That People Have About Feminism

Feminism is an ideology that a group of people share which aims for equal political, economic, cultural and social rights for women. Now what many male chauvinists fail to notice is the word “equal“. Feminism doesn’t look for a higher status for women in the society but an equal status, higher than what it is currently. Here are 10 grave misconceptions people have about feminism

1) It is not about putting men after women:

Feminism in no way involves male bashing. Feminists don’t hate men, the people who do are called misandrists. It does not stress on belittling men either. It only focuses on women getting equal rights as men without causing problems for their male counterparts.

It emphasises on girls getting equal opportunities at work and not being pushed aside by excuses like “men deserve more promotion than women as they are the ones who bring bread home.” All feminists demand is a fair balance to impart equal rights to both men and women. It’s a simple wish and I don’t see any reason why it should become a nationwide topic of concern.

2) It doesn’t look for female reservations everywhere:

There won’t be a need for reservations if people stopped being sexists and partial. If equal rights and opportunities were to be given, there won’t be a need for women to protest.

Feminism starts with a basic level of respecting women. To not consider them just another commodity in your house, to respect their choices and wishes. Putting it simply, to treat them the same way you’d want people to treat you. It’s as simple as that.

3) Boys, what hurts you is your huge ego, not our upliftment: 

Mankind has a horrible habit to think that they own everything. When women started working, it was a huge setback for everyone, men and old women included, who thought that it was going against our traditions. Thing is, women were not born to just stay back home, rear babies, cook food and use when you get lonely.

They were born with a mind of their own which conjured beautiful dreams and gave enough will to work their way towards realising them. Now when the male society saw that women can function equally well ALONE, they no longer remained superior, no longer a support for women to come whining to, it was like a punch in their gut and their ego.

4) Feminism doesn’t invite rape: 

Yes, feminism stresses on girls wearing whatever they want to wear but that doesn’t mean that the clothes they choose are the reasons behind them getting raped. A lady heavily veiled has equal chances of getting molested as a bikini model and that’s because the veiled lady would be a matter of sheer curiosity for the Rapist, who’d want to know what’s beneath the layers. It’s never the clothes! NEVER.

5) Not all women take undue advantage of it: 

Since the word feminism became popular there have been trolls on social media ridiculing women who keep sitting on the seats reserved for them in public transports, shamelessly, even if the other person asking for it is genuinely in pain or tired. This is so not true! Hardly anyone ever does that.

6) A girl being a feminist is neither a stuck-up nor loose

If a girl is single it doesn’t mean she is trying hard to be in a relationship, it simply means she is not looking to be in a relationship.

7) A man supporting feminism isn’t gay

There are, Thank Goodness, still, a few men in the world who don’t measure their manhood with their sperm count.

8) Feminism is against our norms and traditions

Traditions that pull us back are not really the traditions one should look up to. If we start believing in everything out ‘culture says, we are going to be in a big trouble.

9) Feminists are fat/ugly girls who can’t get men

This again a misconception that is spread by male chauvinists who believe they have been blessed to be born are males and the sole purpose of girls is to marry a suitable man and get settled.

10) Feminists are girls who hate to shave or wear a bra

How you want to take care of your body is your personal choice, and it shouldn’t be tagged with Feminism. it’s her choice to wear red lipstick, or not wear a bra or a short skirt for that matter.







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