5 Things That Will Make Your Parents Happy


Image Credit: Harsha K R

When was the last time your parents were happy and you were the reason for it? If the answer to this question is, quite a long time, then I would suggest you to read this article and go ahead, make them feel happy.
You don’t need a mother’s day or father’s day for that.

These 5 Things may not be the exact ways to make them feel special, but it will give you an idea, about what we are trying to convey with this article.

1. Give Them Your First Month’s Salary.

However clichéd it may sound, parents love such things. They may not accept it, but that’s not the point. It’s a way for you to show them that all what you have learned in life is because of them. It’s a little Bollywoodish but it works.

2. Listen to Them Patiently

Parents love to give advices, they are old, have got a life full of experiences and they want to share it with you so that you become a better person. You may not need all their advisers, but it won’t hurt anyone to listen to the things they have to say to you. Have patience and listen to them every time they say something to you.

3. Introduce them to Your Friends.

Every Parent has the curiosity to know what type of company their sons and daughters keep. Introduce them to you friends, make them feel they are still cool to be introduced to young friends of yours. Plus, they will start trusting you more.

4. Make them a little Tech Friendly.

We, as a young generation, are very tech friendly, we even wish our friends in Facebook. Help them with this, tell them that they can still connect with their college friends on Facebook, or buy anything online or book train/flight tickets. Introduce them to the world of smartphones and that they can do all of the above, right from a mobile phone.

5. Buy them Useful Gifts

Parent or not, who doesn’t love Gifts? But there are selected things you can gift them. And it should be useful, like a wrist watch or a mobile phone. Make them start their smartphone journey with the all new moto e, which is both efficient and budget friendly and has apps for everything.





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