And this is How They Make Videos Go Viral on YouTube

A couple of months ago, I stumbled upon a Viral Video of a prank that went wrong, what happened in the end really depressed me. Until I found out that the video was Fake. Thank God it was fake. This is how they made this, here is what found in my small research. A photo and some introduction about the original video. Fake Video It is a short film entitled EXHIBIT B-5. It’s meant for entertainment purposes. Credits include: Written & Directed: Kyle Rankin Digital FX: R. Zane Rutlege Rachel (girl who dies): me/Cindy Vela Sheri (blonde): Mircea Monroe Neighbor (guy): Corin Nemec No mannequins were used and I can’t say exactly how we did it, but I did have to lay on top of and underneath the car. I have to applaud the special effects — the first time I saw it I was shocked. This was NOT a reenactment or real story, and NOT a clip of a full length film.





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