10 Lies That Indian Mothers Hardly Ever Buy


Been there, tried and failed miserably. Our beloved Indian folks have a very suspicious mind. They just won’t settle for the reasons we state without cooking up some filmy situations. Here are a few hilarious situations that were faced by every teenager every now and then –

1. “Mom Dad, I’m off to have a group study session at a friend’s place”

Either you are dumb or you consider your parents to be the same. This is something they hardly ever buy! The first thing that crosses their mind is that you’re off partying your at your friend’s place. Booze and pot is what comes next. It’s a very stereotyped excuse, so AVOID using it.

2. “Mom, we’re just friends!”

Most common with girls having overbearing parents. No matter how much you try to make them believe that friendship can exist between guys and girls, they just can’t help but pair you up and state all the pros and cons of the forced coupling, with cons overpowering the pros.

3. “He/she was born with dark lips, they don’t smoke!”

Some people are just born with husky dark lips, its an ‘almost’ Indian facial trait! I know people who do smoke but have perfectly pink lips while others who don’t, have a little darker tinge to theirs. Its extremely stupid to stereotype everyone with dark lips as chain smokers!

4. “I’m a big girl/boy, I can take care of myself”

“You’ll always be my little boy/girl” is what we hear in response to the above. We grow up too, you know! What Indian parents call ‘care’ is often viewed as hovering by teenagers. Which is a severe thought process and should be avoided but parents, please, we need to discover our lives ourselves!

5. “Are you on Facebook? – NO”

With 8-9 yr olds having whatsapp and facebook accounts, parents can’t help but worry about children being distracted! They often ask us to remove ourselves from social networking sites, but these sites can be so fascinating that what we do is remove/block our parents and relatives from our friend lists. You think your parents don’t know? Oh, they do!

6. “I’m not dieting to impress a guy!”

Can’t people tone themselves for their own sake? They don’t have to be madly in love to do that! If just parents understood.

7. “Half the class failed, at least I passed “

Indian parents stress a lot on academics and they can never bear any shortcomings in that area. They would never believe any excuse/explanation you give them for your bad performance, so its futile to even try, just be prepared for the punishment!

8. During parent teacher conferences

Even though you came up with several excuses to avoid any chance of your parents to meet up with that one teacher who you know has several things to say about you, not all positive,they’d go as far as consulting other students as to where that teacher sits.

9. “I was late in coming home because the car broke down”

The first thing that they’d do after you say this to them-they’d smell you and if by any chance you smell weird, you have a long night ahead of you! They’ll make you say your story several times to check if you stutter at any point and then they’d pass their ever-feared judgement!

10. “The results of our college exams are not yet out”

Scoring less than what they expect of you, makes every second student do that, but sometimes the time limit is expanded beyond rational belief! Its something that parents become suspicious about and don’t buy.






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