4 Most Valuable Lessons For An IAS Aspirant

IAS Aspirants

Dreaming big?

Willing to acquire the highest post in the country? Searching the right way to get to your goal? Well, the answer to all your questions is a perfect plan and a lot of hard work. But the real spur that can lead you to success is determination. Here I present you some points to consider and determine even before starting your preparation for the exam.

1: The Reason

U. Sagayam IAS

U. Sagayam | Wikipedia

Find the real reason as to why you want to be an IAS officer. Money, respect and power are all you can dream of in your life. Imagine your life as an IAS officer, yearn for that VIP car and the government bungalow you can get then only you’ll be able to put in that amount of hard work to top the list of results. Or do it for making your parents proud, that will take you to another level of determination and you’ll find yourself working harder. Or if you are enough of a philanthropist just do it for the people. A real good reason will serve as the stimulant for more hard work.

2: Focus

Smita Sabharwal IAS

Smita Sabharwal | First Lady IAS

A concentrated effort is required for preparing for the UPSC level exam as you are required to have a good hold on almost every field of knowledge, well updated in current. For this you need to study regularly and for that you need a focus on your goal. Like Arjun focusing only on the eye of the fish you need to focus only on your goal. Stay away from distraction and searching for other career options as focus on the success can only click a picture of success for you.

3: The Perfect Plan

O P Choudhary IAS

O P Choudhary | Twitter

Determine beforehand as to when you want to appear for the exams. Plan your study timetable accordingly. Especially if you only have a year left time you’re coaching and college if in case any you need to put at least 8-9 hours in self- study only then there are any chance that you can crack the biggest competitive exam in the country .Take the help blogs for IAS aspirants to prepare your study. Select the subject for the mains and start your preparation because you get less time after prelims.

4: Extensive Study

Raju Narayana Swamy IAS

Raju Narayana Swamy | Wikipedia

Besides preparing for the current affairs you need to study subjects ranging from Mathematics to History and Politics. So go for the extensive study of all the subjects. Pick the NCERT books of 10th to 12th level and revise. Do not start solving question papers from the beginning as it lowers your confidence. Give your studies enough time and yourself enough chance to turn your dream into reality.






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