How to Never Lose Your Contacts in Your Smartphone, Even When You Lose Your Smartphone

It’s 2017, but I am still seeing friends and acquaintances on Facebook and other Social Platform announcing they’ve lost their phones, it has got stolen or whatever the reason maybe, they want me (and all other friends) to text him on his number so that he can save them.


Seriously, it’s 2017 and I think everybody owns a smartphone with the Internet on it, they are just one search away from the most of your tech problems, but they chose to watch Cat videos instead. And be sad when they lose all the contacts.

So, I decided to write a guide for everyone who has this issue, and I hope they find this useful.

Note: If you know someone who needs this guide, do share it with them since they won’t bother searching for it. 

Never Lose Your Phone Contacts Ever Again

You add Google account to your Android phone, all you have to do is, turn on the ‘Sync’ for Contacts.

Then, go to Contacts, tap on options, where you get the options to choose which contacts will be shown in the Phonebook.

The options will be, your Google account, SIM, Phone, WhatsApp, etc. Select  Google account and you are done.

Each and every contact you have in your phonebook now will get synced to Google account, and when you log into a new smartphone, you get your entire contacts on the new phone, like Magic.

It’s so simple that if you already knew it you would already be judging me for choosing to write this guide. But believe me, there are so many people who still don’t get the tech.

Perhaps this has never been told to them earlier, especially the elderly. So, be the one to tell them. Share this with them.

Also, you can use a bunch of Backup and Restore apps that can help you backup not just your contacts, but other things as well, like the SMS, Calender, Reminders etc.

Check out the list of Best Backup and Restore apps for Android. Choose any one of them and make a habit of backing up your stuff every now and then. Do read the entire guide to know how to keep all of your data saved so that you never lose any of it.





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