Home Remedy Tips For Getting Fair Skin


1. Take 2 Teaspoon of Curd , Apply it on your face ,wash it after half an hour .It is the best home remedy to get fair skin.

2. Apply Cucumber juice and 1 teaspoon of lemon juice ,apply it on your face ,wash it after 15 minutes .

3. Take 1 Teaspoon of honey and 1 teaspoon of lemon juice ,Mix together well .Apply on your face and neck .It will help to get fair skin.

4. Take potato juice and apply it on your face and under eye dark circle .Potato is natural bleaching agent.

5.  Mashed tomato pulp on your skin to give a pinkish glow to your skin. Tomato is very good for giving you fair skin tone .

6. Grind almonds into rosewater and apply the paste to your skin.

7. Apply grated radish and radish juice to skin to make it fair.

8. papaya is also help to get fair skin. Cut a papaya in half and rub all over your face every night.

9. Grind a cup of mint leaves to a fine paste. Apply and leave for 20 minutes. wash with cold water .

10. Coconut is also effective, drink coconut water and apply its milk on to the face. Your skin will become fair and glow.






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