Why You Should think of Going Green with Organic Vape Juice

Going green in all possible ways is the current trend globally. Gone are the days when to go green was a concept preserved and limited only for the sustainable production of energy and resources.

In today’s world, anything considered to be environment-friendly, aimed at improving and sustaining the ecological system and geared towards making the universe a better place to inhabit for all species is regarded as a concept of going green.

For some people, the idea of going green can merely mean an ill motive by big companies and state corporations to cash in on individuals that are health conscious.

While for others, going green simply means more than just going with the trends and societal norms.

In case, you are one of the few people who always has dreamed of inhabiting a green world that is self-sustainable, pollution free and safe for the survival of all living organisms, then it would be a great idea if you read through this.

Littering by cigarette filters

To have a clear picture and better understanding of how we can reconstruct our world to a greener place by using organic vape juice, then have a closer look at what traditional cigarette has done to our environment.

Tobacco and cigarette have been proven to be a swift killer in all aspect of the world. They not only harm our health but also compromise the sustainability of our environment.

We all can a test to the fact that cigarette filters have littered almost all corners of the streets, our apartments block, beaches, subway tunnels, you name them. Littering puts our health at risk as they act as habitat for pathogens and can mistakenly be picked and consumed by our children.

According to independent research carried by Harvard University, an average of 1.6 billion cigarette filters is littered annually in the United States of America.

The inception of organic vape juice is here to save us all the trouble. With e-liquid, there is no littering because e-cigarette is reusable and only requires charging and refilling with e-liquid.

Cigarettes and trees

In addition to littering, the whole process used to manufacture conventional cigarettes possesses another deadly threat to our environment. Are you aware that an estimate of 15million trees is cut annually for the sole purpose of manufacturing tobacco and the papers used in making cigarettes?

Notably, cutting down trees destroys the natural habitats of other animals which can lead to the collapse of the ecosystem in the long run. It also creates an increase in human and animal contact which results in increased human and animal conflicts.

Who would like to see lions, tigers or bears roaming around freely in their backyards hunting for food? Definitely not me. This is mostly because chances of you becoming their meal are high. I wonder who would want to take such a risk.

That figure above should be enough reason for you to ditch camp from using conventional cigarette and pitch camp to a more environmentally friendly organic vape juice.

For sure, the world can be a better place if we all adopt the use of e-liquid because it does not require cutting down of any trees for its production.

Emission of dangerous gases

In addition to cutting down trees for manufacturing purposes, conventional cigarette produces gases such as carbon monoxide that is considered greenhouse gases.

Some research suggests that an estimate of 84,878 tonnes of air pollution is generated by cigarette smokers every day. In the long run, these gases have a high potential of causing global warming.

These figures are on the rise; unless we start using organic vape juice, we can save our world before we entirely damage it.

On the other hand, organic vape juice has no high level of carcinogens, toxic gases, and toxins that are found in the traditional cigarette. Additionally, the e-cigarette is reusable and disposable, unlike conventional cigarettes that are considered nonbiodegradable.


If you are really concerned about your general health and the environment, then organic vape juice is undoubtedly the best alternative available for the conventional cigarette.

Let’s not wait for things to get ugly before acting; it might be too late. If you are a smoker, take the early initiative to make e-liquid part and parcel of your life; it will save you the regular trips to the doctor.






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