7 Shocking Controversies From the Past You Must Know About

Just when you thought that everything in the world was hunky-dory and now was a good time for you to renounce the worldly pleasures and attain salvation.

The theorists chose to plant queries and suspicion in our minds about such people and events that it somehow managed to make me dubious about my own existence and question the authenticity of everything taught to me back in school.

Given are a few controversies that the world just cannot skirt around.

1. “To Be Or Not To Be”

William Shakespere

The very popular lines by William Shakespeare or was it really him? A stickler, right? How much do we really know about the most celebrated and popular writer of all time?

Shakespeare, it is believed, was a simple actor and the plays attributed to him were originally written by either Francis Bacon, Christopher Marlowe, Ben Johnson or Sir Walter Raleigh.

One of these writers could’ve used his name to hide their real identity. Guess, The Flash needs to go back in time and find out the truth for us!

2. “I’m Watching You”

The Vintage TV

Says the Television. As per the conspiracy theorists, the government secretly has built cameras and microphones in televisions to spy on people.

Hmm so is the govt. not doing its work well or do the sinister minds not own a T.V.?

3. “The Blame Game”

The South African President

AIDS originated in Africa and that is what we know. However, the former South African President, Thabo Mbeki said that the virus was instead created in a lab by the U.S. govt. in order to get rid of the homosexuals and African-Americans by injecting them with the virus so as to eradicate their kind from the society.

If at all its true, I wish they had created an anti-virus as well.

4. “Take Over Control”

The Indepencence Day

The secret societies, Illuminati and the Freemasons, with their not so secret mission are reckoned to be on a move to take over the world.

They definitely seem to be playing with a full deck. Illuminati has already won over popular personalities like Angelina Jolie and Saif Ali Khan, to name a few.

Theorists are of the opinion that there is soon going to be an advent of the New World Order where the entire world will function under one worldwide government. Truth or a mere hoax? Your guess is as good as mine!

5. “First Man on the Moon?”

First Landing on the Moon

The 1st man to land on the moon was an American, Neil Armstrong. Who does not know this! Some theorists beg to differ. They say that the technology required was absent at the time and so to have accomplished such a feat then is impossible hence, the U.S. ‘staged’ the landing so as to outrun the Russians.

Maybe we can give some credit to NASA for there was some method to their madness because true or not, the answer to ‘who was the 1st man to have landed on the moon?’ has always been Neil Armstrong..

6. “Paul Is Dead”

the Beetles

This one for all the Beatles’ fans. The urban legend alleges tha Paul McCartney had died long ago in 1966 in a car accident. Keeping the news of his death under wraps, the Beatles replaced by a look-alike and sound-alike.

However, the clues can be traced in the songs when played backwards and also the fact that Paul is the only barefooted Beatle in the cover of Abbey Road. Is it true that there are at least 7 lookalikes of you in this world, or did the Beatles just got lucky? Eerie, though!

7. “The 9/11”

The 9-11-attacks

This one is bizarre. Who can ever forget the horrendous 9/11 event? Okay, here’s a whit of a change.

Despite the Al-Qaida taking the onus of the attack, the theorists believe that the U.S. Govt. had already received the news prior to the attack, yet did nothing to prevent it so that the government could then justify waging wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Why would the theorists doubt the intentions of the innocent U.S. govt., I wonder…





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