Advice from Rockville Chiropractor – Chiropractic Care for Back Pain

Chiropractic is an unconventional method of treating pain, which involves manual manipulation of the spine by a therapist. Activities with higher consumption of adrenaline and energy involve a demand for the muscles and the bone system that can put our health at risk.

The effort to which we are subjected by our desire to overcome our limits and to achieve better performances can have repercussions on our health if we leave some back pain or uninvestigated and untreated joints.

This method of treatment is an alternative to traditional mechanical therapies or those based on drug therapies. It is non-invasive and painless and has an extended scope of applicability.

The technique refers to the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of mechanical disorders of the musculoskeletal system, especially in the spine.

Emphasis is placed on these areas because they affect health through the nervous system. Adjustments can have the desired results according to the specialist who corrects the problems at the level of the column.

In this way, for example, back pain can be treated. Between 30 and 70% of amateur cyclists have had back pain. Among the most common diseases caused by bicycling, besides lumbar, are the back pain and sciatica, a constant pain, weakness and numbness of the foot that starts from the lumbar area.

The back, neck, shoulder or head pains can give a general state of fatigue or lethargy. Clinics like Healing Hands Chiropractic intervenes to regulate this imbalance that occurs in the body by harmonizing the connections between the nerves, the brain, and the body.

How can we prevent pain?

The primary role of chiropractic is to optimize performance and improve body functioning by providing good brain communication to the nervous system.

Any imbalance of the spine, wrists or muscles, which puts pressure on the nerves and which consequently affects the discussion of that nerve, is called “subluxation.”

The Chiropractor identifies subluxation and restores the balance of the affected nerves through specific adjustment techniques. Often, the problems exist, and patients do not know because they are either not painful or painless, but the impact their general health status is felt.

When and why we need to consult a chiropractor

The purpose of a chiropractic exam is to identify abnormalities in a person’s structure, anomalies that can cause brain interference over nerve control in different parts of the body. The lesion that usually fixes on the spine is called subluxation.

We understand the abnormal position or inflammation of one or more vertebrae or the surrounding structures that irritate the nervous tissue, decrease the flow of communication, and the body is deficient.

99.9% of patients do not know exactly what a chiropractor does. They know we are dealing with back pain, neck pain, headaches, sciatica, such problems and come to us when they have pain or after having had an accident at sports or even worse after a crash of the car.

However, when I truly understand what we’re doing, it changes a little optically. Patients need to know that this method helps them resolve the problem of pain but will also help to regulate other body dysfunctions.

In the US, many patients come to the cabinet without necessarily having a health problem. I have many patients who have no problem and feel neither a pain but arrive to ensure that this connection between the body and the brain is always in normal parameters.

Those people who arrive without any pain are preoccupied with how to get to the best shape. It’s good to do a check, as you go for example, or take your blood pressure, see the cholesterol level, etc. so you have to do a test at a chiropractor.

I recommend coming to check it once a year if not six months. In the US I have many patients doing office work and coming up with all sorts of problems. Read this.

Dr. Lou Jacobs says that more and more people are more stressed at their jobs, not only psychic through their work, but physically because they spend too many hours sitting in the office in front of a computer, in an inappropriate position, in chairs that are often not ergonomic.

It’s a good idea to do control, as you go, for example, take your blood pressure, see the cholesterol level, and so on.

Because more and more people are more stressed at their jobs, not only psychic through their work, but also physically because they spend too many hours sitting in the office.





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