Best Veg & Nonveg Meal Combo | Dinner Ideas for Special Days

At Lifetippr, we post tips to make life better and today, we have got something that will make your life a little easy at times when you find it tough to think of what to Cook for those special days.

Be the special occasions, or when you have invited someone for dinner, We have got dinner ideas for both Veg & Nonveg Guests.

The Veg Combo – Palak Paneer, Naan & Matar Pulao

So we have Palak Paneer recipe for the Gravy, the Naan for Bread/Roti and Matar Pulao for Rice.

This veg combo is a superhit and will never fail to gather all the appreciations you require as a creative cook.

The Nonveg Combo – Chicken Kali Mirch, Naan & Matar Pulao

So we switch the Palak Paneer with Chicken Kalimirch and Keep the rest of the two items same, and we get the super amazing combo meal for Nonvegetarian guests.

This is also my super hit combo for nonveg guests. I am sure your guests are going to love it as well.

Sit and watch the preparation video, spend some time to make sure you have all the ingredients ready and it all can be prepared for 2 hours, leaving plenty of time to entertain your guests or spend some quality time with them.

A Few Ideas for Desserts

If you want to be more generous and are ready to spend some more times in the kitchen, here are some more ideas for making desserts.

We have Kesar Badam Milk, it’s super easy and also super yummy. Check out the video preparation of the recipe.

Also check out, some of the best Indian sweet dish recipes





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