Best Tips For Teeth Whitening


Learn the best tips for Teeth Whitening and get rid of those yellow things in your mouth. Literally. Easy tips to follow.

Here are the 8 best tips for teeth whitening

1. Baking soda is one of the most effective and proven natural way to whiten teeth.

2. Rub the bark of a walnut tree on the teeth, which helps remove the stains on teeth.

3. You can also use lemon juice, Hardwood ash and orange peels for teeth whitening.

4. You may also use apple cider vinegar for teeth whitening.

5. Rubbing strawberries on the teeth also helps relieves stain on teeth.

6. Teeth lose their original white colour due to various reasons: smoking, intake of alcohol and soda, and excessive intake of tea and coffee.

7. Avoid Smoking, alcohol,soda etc, It will also help to whitening teeth.

8. Regular Brush two times in a day, Don’t forget to brush before going to bed.





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