Here are Some benefits of going Bald

So the world is into a lockdown, because of this global pandemic. The novel Coronavirus has made everyone do everything their own.

I just got a new haircut.

Yes, that’s my new haircut, sans the hair. I’m loving the feel of having nothing above my brain 🧠.

Being a blogger, I cannot let this opportunity go away and would like to tell you the benefits of going bald.

After going bald, I looked on the internet that could support my decision of going bald, couldn’t find any. So here it is.

How much time do I save?

While it can vary from person to person, it’s still going to be drastic for an average guy like me.

I mean, I spend 2 minutes every day doing the shampoo. I think I’m the quickest here. I know a lot of people like to spend more than 2 minutes on it.

Then I spend around 2-minute styling then. Again, I’m the quickest here. Some can easily take 10 to 15 minutes.

I’m not counting the time to blow dry them, but a lot of people do it.

So every month, I spend 2 hours shampooing and style my hair. And another two hours for weekly oiling and head massage for half an hour each week.

Four hours aren’t much in the grand scheme, I mean you have 730 hours in a month, but you already end up sleeping one-third of it, which is roughly 243 hours.

For me, I can write two quality articles in 4 hours, which could be on the internet forever, and might also make me money, but for a lot of people, it can mean other things.

And maybe they can save more time if they are spending more time in their hairs.

How much money can I save by going bald?

Here is my county, Indira, haircuts don’t cost a lot. But in some countries, it can cost—much as $20, which is insane.

If you do two visits in a month, it’s $40 saving straight, and yes, we can add up the time saved in visited the salons. 😁

And then, hair cair doesn’t just mean spending money on a haircut. Even for guys, you have to get stuff to make your hairs look good.

Honestly, for me, there isn’t much to save, I was already visiting the salon once in a month, and it costs me like $2 per session.

I hate that I have to wait in line for my turn, so take 1 hour out of your schedule to get a haircut.

So, saving that 1 hour, even just once a month, is the biggest motivator.

Technically, if I have to stay bald, I might have to shave my head every week, but I’m happy since I have got a trimmer, and it only takes a few minutes to do it on your own.

What changes after going bald.

I feel lighter, more relaxed, I don’t have to worry about combing it, I don’t have to worry about oiling it.

For the majority of us men, hairs don’t add any value to our life, they are just growing on your body, like the nails.

The only thing is, the entire human race is used to clipping their nails but likes to keep the hairs.

Because, maybe, it makes them look good. Or perhaps it’s just a myth because this report says it otherwise.

So, if you are bald by choice, great decision, and if you are bald by the biology of your body, even better.






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