7 Steps of Writing Amazing Content


“A blank piece of paper is God’s way of telling us how hard it is to be God.”

– Sidney Sheldon

A pen is always mightier than a sword.The art of Writing always gives us the opportunity to create something spectacular and enables us to decide its future (outcome).People view it to be pretty monotonous, but, it isn’t! Its just penning down your valuable thoughts and shaping them into something unique and original. You don’t need to be at Shakespeare’s level to begin, you just need to have a heart for it and a few techniques. Here’s how you do it:

1) Research

Look around you, you just might find a person, thing or situation to write about! Start with something realistic, because writing fiction(like Harry Potter and Hunger Games series) isn’t really easy. Search the internet. Collect data for your work. Keep in mind to get all the right facts about something that exists in reality, if you choose to write about it, as you sure don’t want to make a fool out of yourself, now do you? Do not get dejected if you have a lousy start, because every famous writer has a rejected draft and has heard numerous “Nos”.

2) Decide the Genre

Once you are done deciding what you are going to write about,start focusing on how you are going to go about it. Whether it will be a mystery, romance or even a spooky story! About how you are going to mold the above done research work. Prepare an outline for your work and then get on with it!

3) Format

Your story should have a strong beginning to interest the readers (TIP: if you plan on writing a book, leave each chapter’s ending unfinished or introduce the upcoming chapter a little in the end in order to get the reader restless to read what comes next!). The middle section is where you work on the most. It should be kept in mind to make it as relating or attention seeking as possible. The ending should be soft yet strong, something that goes straight to the heart. Also keep in mind whether you are writing as a third person or whether you yourself are a character narrating the entire story to your readers.

4) Make a Note!

Keep a pocket diary beside you which should be used to jot down any and every though that passes your mind. We humans are very forgetful. So, in order to not forget any brilliant idea of yours and keep a tab on each and everything that requires your attention as a writer. Nothing helps more than this exercise and make a habit out of it!

5) Vocabulary

It is true! Massive words sure are appealing. A well written piece with appropriate usage of good words always has an upper hand over one which lacks the input of good vocabulary. Enrich your vocab by using thesaurus/dictionary and learn their proper use, and trust me, you are not far from creating a good story!

6) Special Effects

Add a detail to your write-up to get the reader emotional( teary eyed.if possible!) and attached to your piece of art. For example- you can probably end a major side-kick’s role tragically or create a situation that almost everyone has gone through for example- a love dilemma. A sincere heart-throb character spices up every story! You can also add a surprise element, something that the readers were not expecting and it’ll surely boost up the reviews for your master-piece!

7) Practice

Write something on a daily basis and get people to read it and give you their reviews. This way you know where you stand and what needs to be improved! You can go ahead and go BLOGGING! Or do something as simple as writing in your personal diary. Enhance your thought process by finding an alternative to every situation. Fill your mind with “what ifs” and do not hesitate to be a dreamer!






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