B’Day Gift Ideas for Men Who Love Tech

Looking for Gift ideas for Men who love technology? We’ve handpicked a few popular and best ideas so that you don’t have to stress out on thinking of the best possible gifts for the man.

1. Truly Wireless Earbuds 

Ever since the AirPods were launched from Apple, the market is flooded with such type of WIreless Earphones.

They are usually known as Wireless Earbuds, some of them are quite decent for the quality/price ratio.

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2. Smartphone Lens Kit

If they are into Photography to Making videos, Lenses are quite a creative gift for someone like that.

These lenses are helpful in getting some amazing shots, which is going to make them so happy.

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3. Pocket Projector 

Pocket Projector is quite an incredible technology, you can project your mobile screen on a wall and enjoy the content in a bigger size.

It is also the quite addictive and playful device.

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4. Scribble Writing Alarm Clock

It’s quite a creative Alarm clock with a memo board, the message board allows you to write messages on it.

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5. Key Finder 

A key Finder can also be a pretty useful gift for anyone, not just men.

Anyone who has a bad habit of losing their keys every now and then needs a key finder, it does save a lot of time collectively over time.

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6. Wireless Speaker

Wireless Bluetooth Speakers are quite common these days, they are available in different shapes and sizes.

Even the tiny ones are able to produce decent sound quality. And it makes a perfect gift for someone who loves tech.

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7. Pocket Powerbanks

Pocket Powerbanks are in the same category, they are available in different shapes and sizes.

And the fact that we all struggle with our smartphone batteries, makes it pretty useful.

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8. Virtual Archer 

AR Smart Bow & Arrow is also quite creative and addictive thing you can gift to anyone.

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9.  Super AR Gun

Like Virtual Archer, the AR Gun is also quite an addictive gift.

It gives the users an immersive and surprising experience. And it will give the user a super real sense shooting feeling and unique visual experience, particularly, with a magnifying glass.

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10. Remote Control Pocket Drone

While Drones like DJI Mavic Pro can cost a thousand buck, the drones are also available in smaller sizes as well, just for experiencing the drone flying.

Like this mini remote control drone available for just $20.

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11. Fitness Band

A fitness band is a nice blend of technology and fitness. It is an effective tools for calculating the number of calories you are burning.

By tracking your activity, such as a number of steps walked in a day, overall activity and quality of sleep, life can be improved with the data gathered by a Fitness band.

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12. Pocket Size Knife  – Multi-Tool 

If they have a hobby of camping, this could be a really useful gift, it is more of a survival utility than a playful one.

There are variations of it available on Amazon. Check it yourself.

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13.  VR Headset 

VR or Virtual Reality is something really hot in the tech field right now, and the good thing is, the VR headsets are also pretty affordable.

Obviously, the premiums ones from Oculus can cost several hundred bucks, you can still find decent ones in your budget, looks at this list of some best VR Headsets under budget.

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14. Desk Storage Organiser 

A desk organizer can also be a great gift for someone who loves tech.

They must already be in possession of some good amount of tech stuff, and the organization is something they need.

You can also get so many options in this regard, it could be a wooden monitor stand or something metallic, basically, pick the one according to the current desk owned by the man.

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