10 Astonishing Facts About Google You Didn’t Know

Google is Awesome, it has become a part of our daily lives. We love it so much that we have even replaced the word search with ‘Google’ even though there is no actually meaning of Google as it’s actually a misspelling. What? yes. There is more that you didn’t know here is a list.

Google’s Original Name


Google was Originally Called Backrub

A Minor Bug or Something else.


Google Shows Results a Bit Tilted when you search for the word ‘Askew’

Google Cares for their employees

Google Emloyee

When A Google Employee Dies, their Spouses Recieve half pay from the company for 10 years and their Children get $1000/month till they turn 19 years old.

Feeling Lucky Cots Million o Google

Google_I'm Feeling Lucky

The ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ buttons costs Google somewhere around $110 Million per Year as it does not show Ads in the search results.

How they got the name Google


Google is actually the misspelling of Googol, which refers to digit 1followed by 100 zeroes.

Over Half of the Internet is Google

Google Traffic

In 2013, Google went down for some 5 minutes and the global internet traffic dropped by over 40%.

Google Earth’s Database Size?

Google Earth

The Total Size of Google Earth’s Database is over 20 Petabytes

How They Created Google Image Search

Google Images

The Versace Dress Jennifer Lopez Whore to the 2000 Grammy Awards sparked the Creation of Google Images.

Saving History (and Tree)

Google Books

Google Plans to Scan all known 129 million unique books that exist by 2020.

Google is a Rich Guy

Google Revenue

Google earns $20 Bilion per year from Advertising, that is more than the prime time revenues of CBS, NBC, ABC and Fox Combined.





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