8 Amazing Quotes About Life That Will Change The Way You Think


The worst possible thing a person can do to himself/herself is to run out of dreams ,possibilities ,a new entity for his/her *TO-DO* list ,a conviction and a wish for tomorrow.Its never too late to begin ’cause it starts from you and by you and for those of you who mind their age way too much ,DON’T,’cause age…is just a number!


– When we are sad we try finding every possible solution to step out of the gloom and when we are happy, our own happiness causes dilemma and makes its presence hard to believe. Its high time we accept ourselves and the way our life functions. Its not complicated rather way too simple to understand, that’s what makes it all uncanny.


Imagination leads to a belief, belief leads to a rumor, a rumor becomes an uproar which is soon considered to be a possibility, which then leads to a certainty and hence becomes a revolutionary fact. Imagination shouldn’t be taken lightly ,after all, Reality is just a figment of your imagination.


Since ages power has been the cause of mass destruction and people falling apart. It could never be tamed, on the contrary, it tamed the person who tried controlling it, made him it’s slave. Therefore, a REAL man isn’t just a man with tolerance for adversity but a man with a mind of his own, knowing his priorities.


We are not at fault. Its basic human nature to be attracted to bright things/people. Even the sun we used to draw as a kid was purely yellow, devoid of any dark sun spots, but motivating someone, making them believe in themselves and their capabilities again is far more important than being just another face in the crowd of appreciators.


We whine about how our lives suck, how unbearable certain moments are, forgetting, that there is always going to be someone even less privileged than we can ever imagine ourselves to be. So instead of crying, we can reach out and help someone who genuinely needs it.


Everyday we come across things which try to hold us back,  bring us down and pulverize u but there’s always a way out ’cause believe it or not we ALWAYS have a choice between giving up and pulling ourselves together


You follow the mass, abide by them, its accepted…you try being different and you get ridiculed for it. You cannot explain everyone why you did what you did. They won’t listen neither would your complains about them being indifferent be heard. All you can do is…zip it and stand tall ‘cause if your conscious isn’t hurt, you didnt do anything wrong and thus, it needs no explaining





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