7 Questions Your Boyfriend’s Indian Mom will Ask You on Your First Meet

Boys’ moms are extremists! They’d either be too friendly or too strict (thank your stars if you get the former). When a relationship get’s serious and its finally the time to meet-the-parents, it takes guts to face them, especially the MOMS, as they’d go ahead and assess you from head to toe before they catch on to the friendly tone. They’d ask you loads of questions and some are simply hilarious! Here are a few most commonly asked questions by them-

1) “Beta aapka khandaan kya karta hai?” – We’re done with the times when they’d just ask about your dad, now they’d go ahead asking you about your family members’ occupation, sometimes, even up to your second cousins!

Kill Me Now

2) “Kya pasand aaya tumhein ismein?” – Umm, excuse me? Isn’t he your son? Here’s where they play diplomatic. Don’t go with too much sugar coated words they’d know it instantly that you are faking it to be in their good books. Moms are smart, real smart!


3) “Ye theek se khaana khaata hai na? “ – A moment of silence for the already embarrassed guy. Amen.

i'm just gonna crowl

4) “Ye meri toh sunta hi nahin, tumhaari sunta hai?” – Now here’s the tricky part. NEVER say yes! Play it smart and say ‘sometimes’. Moms  are already uncomfortable with the idea of sharing their sons with another woman, a ‘yes’ would just add to the already existing fire!

the losrd is testing me

5) “Does he smoke/has any other bad habit I don’t know of?”– Now if he does, awkward. You are left staring back and forth, from his mom to him. Two people expecting you to take sides, just what are you going to do?

waht do you want from me


6) “Ye padhta bilkul nahin hai na?” – Dear Future-Mother-In-Law, you have reared your son well, have some faith in him and the rest, I’ll take care of.

Its Handled

7) “How long have you been dating?” – This is generally asked with a grim tone(if not, you my friend, are VERY lucky) so do not joke about it! Just give her what she wants and MAYBE she won’t hate you so much for changing her baby boy, or so she may presume.

I am so uncomfortable

Therefore, when your guy asks you about meeting his parents, especially his mom, think before you say:

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