5 Steps to Make Your Life Happy


We make our own lives so complicated at times that even the slightest glitch causes a massive breakdown. We repeat our actions, follow “dead” routines and then expect life to surprise us with excitement and thrill, cutting through the usual boring and messed up pattern. Well people, WAKE UP! To change your surroundings you need to bring about a change in yourself, things just don’t happen, you have to make them and here’s how you bring a change in your life and make it more worth looking forward to :


1) Believe You Can Be Happy

we humans are by default, sadists. We look for reasons to cry and be pained about. If you do, STOP NOW! Every problem has a solution. We tend to see the dark side, disregarding the way which leads us out of it because self-pity has its own perks. It serves as an attention seeker and who doesn’t like attention? Give yourself a break from pain and try being optimistic for once. See things differently. Find out reasons why you can’t be happy and what’s causing it and ultimately, BELIEVE YOU CAN.

New Hobby

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2) Bored? Get A Hobby

An empty mind is not just the devil’s workshop, but a signal for you to really, get a life! Don’t blame your surroundings when they do not deliver any sort of amusement, they are not bound to. Start something new, fun, meaningful and educational. It can be as simple as watering a plant! Keeps you occupied, gives you a break from the daily routine and is a great stress buster!


3) Make New Friends

Its okay to have a few close buddies but no one said anything about not making new ones, now did they? Meet new people, hang out and get to know about their lives, you won’t find theirs perfect either which in turn, will give you a sense of relief and break your pre-formed notion- “ONLY my life is messed”. Hear them out and trust me, we give better advice to others than we give to ourselves and this will give you a better control over your emotions and make you feel good about yourself.

Set Goals

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4) Set A Target

the best kind of happiness is when you are able to achieve a self-set goal. Ask a woman who lost 2 kg in a week, she’ll be ecstatic! But your target should be realistic. Don’t go for something that is a long-term commitment because they hardly ever get completed. Make small but significant goals for yourself and then reward yourself. Remember, self love is vital (and we are not talking about narcissism here).


5) Learn to Appreciate Others

Ever made someone’s day? If not, then start today! A simple compliment like “i like the way you laugh” or “you sure do work hard” can make someone smile and work more efficiently, can make them happy and happiness is contagious. It will not only make you feel glad that you did so and make you more optimistic but also change your perspective about life. It REALLY doesn’t take much to find or give happiness.





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