5 Signs That Show You Are In a Relationship With Your Phone!


in a relationship with my phone

1.You Check Your Phone 1st Thing in The Morning …. even before peeing !”

The moment you wake up and even your eyes are not completely open, you search for your phone underneath your pillow. Similar to getting up with your boyfriend and kissing him first thing in the morning :P Even though your poor eyes are being assaulted by the blue light of your phone ….. Mr.phone I love u so much !!

Its Handled

2. You Get a Mini Heart-Attack When You Realize That Your Phone Is Missing!

You are casually hanging out and you slip your hand in your pocket or purse to find your phone and you can’t find it. You forget where you are and the people around you , you are about to faint and you freak out and start looking for your phone everywhere. And if you don’t find it … you cry like a BABY!

In a shock

3. You Get Irritated When Someone Tries To Touch Your Phone!

You are possessive for your phone. As soon as someone touches your phone you automatically turn into a NINJA !! Your reflexes can never be better than that. One scratch on the phone and the other person is gone. This tells that you love your phone so much that you are ready to take one or two slaps on your own face rather than getting a crack on your phone.

waht do you want from me

4.You Get The Latest Accessories For Your Phone As Soon As They Are In The Market.

You keep checking online shopping sites and nearby mobile stores for latest accessories for your phone like you look for new trends for yourself every now and then. Your phone is as beautifully dressed as you are or even more. It has got the latest tempered glass and you have covers of all most all colors and designs available in the market.

iPhone Acessories

5.It Knows mostly everything about you. The time you wake up, where your favorite haunts are – even your passwords.







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